Custom emojis in Voice & Chat channels names



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    This blends in nicely with using custom emotes in usernames.
    It's also requested a lot for different purposes, but forget the purpose and just implement it!
    People want and need this.

  • espen

    Hey 風呂まん,

    You are already able to add Unicode emojis to your Voice Channels' names. However, you are currently not able to use Discord Server Emojis in the names.


    Unicode emojis can also be used in your Discord username, but regardless of whether or not you are premium, you are unable to use Discord Server Emojis in your username.


  • Homie Box
    It's already possible, you just need to copy and paste them from a website.
  • ||Jojo||
    The author is asking for uploaded emojis not the unicode emojis/twemojis
  • Onix

    That would be great !

  • zzzkappa

    I love the idea, we´re currently building an esports team discord where it would be so beneficial to add symbols (i.g. the smash ball) to categries and channels!

  • n 3 b u l a n e


  • Giraffesyo

    You can do this in channel descriptions already. Get the emoji code using \:emoji: Then you put that code in the description, including the angle brackets. I would love to see this in channel and category names. 

  • xBlade

    Actually , I have a discord with multiple game , and it would be very nice to have a functionality like to add custom icôn ( emoji ) that represent the game on text title channel :)

  • Pyromaginary

    "Finally, some good fucking feedback"

    - Gordon Ramsey

  • Liato

    I like the Idea and im also for that this should be on all Servers not just Verified not that I had a Problem but for others Servers it would be a little mean but I would love it if it Came.

  • Hudson Bay

    you can actually insert emoji into descriptions if you copy the ID of the emoji and paste it. It should appear, don't know if it will on mobile however

  • Austrian

    And how can we put emojis in a channel name or a guild name ?

    (I think it's not possible for the moment)

  • Jack.0246

    Austrian, you can get the émojis with "\:EMOJI_NAME:" and juste copy and past in the channel names or guild names.

  • Knugish

    This NEEDS to happen! Discord developers please I beg of you! This feature would be amazing!

  • SamBro2901
    This is already a thing. All you need to do is to get the emoji ID of your custom emoji and then place it in the channel topic. This way your custom emoji exists in the channel topic and this works for animated emojis as well.
  • DetoMen


    "Austrian, you can get the émojis with "\:EMOJI_NAME:" and juste copy and past in the channel names or guild names."


    Okay, but this not work with custom emojis custom emojis just send this <:youtube:589944895394021388>...

  • louis

    good idea  !! 

  • ꧁joкєr_girl꧂

    Yeah !

  • louis

    you are soooooo Genius 


  • ꧁joкєr_girl꧂

    yeaaaaaaaah !

  • Gamakichidebout

    aucun avis a se sujet.

  • PrivateSniper

    +10000 for this idea.

  • Knugish

    No it is not a thing, OP is talking about putting custom emoji's in the voice channels name. You are talking about putting custom emoji's in a text channels "channel topic".
    You are talking about red arrow, we want custom emoji's where green arrow is pointing.
    This way you could have different emoji's for different games etc.

  • PrivateSniper

    As well as the above, custom emoji's in nicknames would also be extremely useful, scenario, a wow classic discord, having peoples main class icon infront or behind username eg :druid: name

  • lumb'er
    mhm, so so
  • eek

    this isn't new, you have always been able to put emojis in channel names


  • emirkaya
    its good idea but i think it will be very laggy.
  • David Ningthoujam

    Please add this


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