True time stamps


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  • Muzz~

    Even just displaying the current time based on the user’s TZ would be fantastic.  


  • aidan


  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I liked this. Have an upvote.
  • Venerabilis

    Meandered here.  This was my support request:


    Thank you for your fine website.

    I play a game with some folks in Britain. I'm on the east coast of the US.
    Perhaps an option exists and I missed it, but if not, I suggest to add a setting to allow the user to change the timezone and format so message timestamps can be local to another locale to ease discussions about when.


  • lengo
    If a user could do this, it would be great. Just as a note; the API can do this with embeds in the mean time.
  • MattW

    Yes this would certainly be helpful and would benefit communications & organisation greatly. I've seen this feature implemented elsewhere and it's very helpful for me to post my time and everyone else see it in their time.

  • Rana

    Since my initial post were merged to this, I'm going to state my suggestion here to clarify the use case, because I'm against changing every timestamps in mentioned in chat to localtime zone.

    Well my suggestion have a /time or /datetime tag that convert to GMT on post, and shows as local time on client side.

    I'm on gmt+1 > I post /02:30
    - it would show [2019-06-01 02:30] on my side
    - a person on gmt+4 would see [2019-06-01 05:30]
    - a person on gmt-5 would see [2019-05-31 20:30]


    The example for /datetime is amost the same, while using something like /2019-06-01:02:30

    As an alternative /timestamp could be used to set the timestamp as an absolut gmt time instead of coverting based on local time zone on submission. But still show based on localtime zone like the previous tags.


  • offby1

    Somebody has to say it:



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