Option to delete all messages sent in a server when leaving


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  • bastet_of_orion
    I disagree on being able to purge all past messages sent by yourself when leaving a server - server integrity and legacy ranks higher than any individual member's wish to ghost a server and wipe all trace of their existence. If someone wants to do so, then perhaps they ought to consider what they say *before* sending any messages, so they don't have any possible regrets and seek to rip out their contributions to a server's history. This ability would also inhibit any moderators from submitting ToS violation reports if a member committed an infraction and then immediately left, as it would be erasing any proof of complaint.
  • The Illusion

    Given whats going on in the EU, I think Discord will be forced to do this (GDPR).

  • TheEuphioAnswer

    "Server integrity?" The servers' hosts or admins can instantly delete all of your posts. You should have the same right to delete one's own posts.

  • Artemis

    I should have the right to delete my messages because I do not want them to see my game play anymore since I'm leaving the group.

  • Brimseye

     I feel like if I left a server someone else created and left all my work (RPing/ telling stories) there I would be abandoning my writing.  Leaving it for other people in the server to easily claim it as their own.

  • ❤Pup-kin Passion❤

    I think this would be a good idea, especially to avoid art theft. We had a case where an artist posted other artists' works without their consent to an art site they use, claiming it to be their own and even profiting off of it because the original artists were no longer in the server to do anything about it and didn't think to delete it because they probably thought this was already a feature.

  • awesomeee

    Discord should make this possible, asap!

  • Aram

    Please add this

  • While this feature would be easily abused by saying things that's utterly rude/malicious/etc and then fleeing responsibility by just leaving the server and deleting all proof that you have done so, i believe this should be added as a feature, Admin's of a server and moderators should still have access to the messages you have sent during your stay in server(s) so if you did something to break ToS or even worse, they have proof to send discord staff if action has to be put forwards.. BUT any random user on the server doesn't need to see everything written in the server, as stated above, helps a lot to combat digital theft because not every user has the time, effort or memory to point that out (especially if the original poster isn't super popular) and what is the original poster gonna do? they aren't in the server anymore and has no way to know if their stuff is being stolen by other users.

  • Supersnipe12

    I think this should be a feature because we have the ability to delete our own messages so I think in the my account or privacy and safety page we should have an option that automatically deletes all sent messages in a discord server from a user if they leave, kicked or banned. If this was implemented though I hope they allow users to see what servers they where part of and give them the ability to delete all sent messages from a server if you haven't done so already.

  • Drakos

     Yes, please! and also if i could have a history of 

    Server name > left > delete all messages
    server name > left/still in > handle history (menu of options)

    that'd be amazing! and as a European citizen i have a right to oblivion, after i leave a server I dont want my history in there anymore perm. regardless of what I said or may or may not have said.

  • Seth

    It’s been two years. Come on, Discord. A
    Please add this feature.

  • Hathor

    Bumping up this feature request.

  • AfroRicanLibra

    Please make this happen!

  • Johnhey


  • JupiterJazz

    Thisss please. Server mods just need to require that the user has an activated email address connected to it, and that as well as reaction roles should keep. I don't think server admin should be able to read the messages once they're deleted, either. I have known some toxic admin in the past, and I don't think they should have that type of power over people. What if they were in on the art theft, you know? 

  • Shujito

    I can't think of another way other than deleting my account and making another one, it could also happen that you could send messages to channels that have been hidden from you

  • Menon

    I would love this. I don't like the idea of leaving a trail behind.

  • StellaBella42

    Please I want this so much. There's plenty of stuff I've posted in servers that I wouldn't want people to have access to if I ended up leaving (creative work, photos, etc)

  • Copper

    Showing my support for this; after sending an email to support I was essentially told to delete my account, as that would remove my UN from any messages sent... but not the actual messages themself. That response is problematic for so many reasons (the least of which being I do have other servers I wish to stay in, DMs to keep open, etc)
    Sure, I could delete every single message from the past 4 years by hand (as I've done in servers where I've sent a handful of messages), but that's remarkably impractical when there's over 3,000 pages worth of them.

  • metasamsara

    This should absolutely be a feature for both when leaving a server and when getting kicked/banned.

    Hell it should even be possible without leaving a server in my opinion.

    When getting banned I certainly don't want selfies (or worse, nudes) or sensitive messages to remain available and I do not want to rely on server admins to delete the messages for me either.

    We should be able to multi-select messages directly from the search results so that if I'm searching from:Hani I can select everything and hit delete from there without having to click on each individual message.

    It should also be available when leaving a server or getting a ban message of course, especially since server admins can lock us out of private channels where we would have previously posted but can not access the messages anymore to delete them manually.

    I'm not going to delete my account to get my privacy respected, do we need to lawyer up or will you comply Discord?

  • Sythra

    I actually agree that this should be an implemented feature. The ability to delete your posts all at once instead of one by one from a server you plan to leave or one that you are no longer a part of would be such a peace of mind for many users I think, especially if they were in a server where harassment occurred or perhaps over shared something by accident. Privacy, especially online is super important. Having a server history might be a nice feature but I could see that being tricky to implement as servers can be changed or even completely remade on a whim by their moderators/admins.

  • dasfg

    Can we have a statement on this? It is really a privacy nightmare having no way to deal with this.


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