We need an option to hide the member list from certain roles to prevent spammers from mass PMing large servers.


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    Still need this to be added

  • TestUser

    Why isn't Discord responding to these requests here? What is this forum for? @Discord a reaction would be great. Is this feature on the todo list? Or is it deliberately wanted that everyone can access all server users? Thanks 👍

  • D1.yt

    @TestUser because 100 Upvotes is not enough traction I guess. There are more important suggestions I guess. Even though this one is imo simple to implement.
    Share the suggestion on your guilds, users who encountered spam, might wanna upvote this.

  • Aizeilon Karugaya

    One strategy I have began using for this is making a verification channel where you react to get the widespread role everyone has, then hiding that verification channel so they can't see it again. What this results in is reducing the amount of players non-verified users can see, which means they can only see people who have the administrator role (and therefore bypass the visual lock) and other unverified users. This makes botting a lot harder since you can disable receiving DMs from a server and if the few of us with admin disable that then the only people who can get botted are the unverified.

  • Amitabha

    Very nice temporary solution Aizeilon Karugaya

  • Pleeb

    Tossing my +1 in here for this feature.  Members of our community have been getting worried about "crawler bots" that join for just an instant, take a note of everyone in the server, then leave again.  I'm told the are ways around the solution proposed here by API access or some modified client (which I will not test since that's against the TOS).  I would be nice to truly lock down the full memberlist to specific groups.

  • Maximilian

    Guys we need to promote this post in reddits and so one go out for that !


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