We need an option to hide the member list from certain roles to prevent spammers from mass PMing large servers.


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  • Sto1cNate

    I'm a mod on a server with more than 4000 members. We already limit access to new accounts to only be able to view certain channels until they accept our server's rules, but there is currently no way we can prevent new accounts from having access to our member lists. Because of this, we regularly ban bot accounts, sometimes several hundred at a time. Before we're able to even respond by banning these bots, they've already gotten the member lists and have started DM SPAMing our members.
    Having this feature is paramount to helping mods protect their members from SPAM and SCAM attempts.

  • Amitabha

    All our users are DM-ed with bot spamming them and stressing our community. We only need an option to block @everyone role to see the users list. Like this everyone can get a role by one of our members or a bot if they pass a check.

  • macZenTeam

    @Sto1cNate is 100% on point with this.

  • DarkUnknown

    Scammers making the Discord experience miserable!

  • florence

    Definitely. This would be critical to stopping any potential self-bot raid from happening.

  • Skairipa

    Totally agree! I have a server which I added verification system (lobby where I kinda 'interview' members first) and many people just join to go offline and send to the server's members via DM p#rn and possible virus links. It's quite annoying. 

    Note: If they'd also add an option to actually 'report' accounts would be great too and easier for Discord staff to go banning/closing spamming accounts.

  • DerMuuux

    OMG, yes please!

  • SpriCa

    Would be great!

  • ElementalKnight

    Agreed. We're facing this same problem right now, in fact!

  • Bair RoSD

    Another reason that this should be something included is to keep people from being able to DM members. Just had an issue where a person came in, didn't have member status (so only could see the welcome area), and sent nudes/inappropriate pics to a member.

  • superobot1

    I was just typing up a similar request- discord team, please get on this!

    Another option is to "lock" certain roles from clicking on other users / sidebar users for more info, and also lock them out of DMing people.

  • Hallgrim

    +1. Very difficult to deal with otherwise.

  • timkim

    Trying to talk to DISCORD is like trying to talk to a deaf person.

  • SquireAu

    yes I am sick of getting spam, I lost a significant amount of coins already from a update dm (spammer)

  • mbacoinin

    @Sto1cNate Is spot on. Please do add this option.

  • DazzaJay🇦🇺

    100% need this.
    I'm getting a massive amount of "users" joining, then immediately sending virus links to all members of my server through DM's.

    I've been able to slow it down by enabling the "Must have a verified phone number on discord account" option for the server, but even that isn't stopping them.

    I have a captcha bot for the server, so when a new user joins they have to complete a captcha before they can see any of the other channels, but that doesn't stop them seeing the entire server member list, and thus the spam continues. :-(

  • JayRally

    I need this badly, i have competitors that keep stealing my members by sending them private messages from my channels...

  • timkim

    Is this implemented yet? 


    Thousands of my users are getting bombarded with bots spamming them and causing my community grief.  I need a way to block users that ONLY have @everyone permissions, from seeing my user list until they have a special role applied to them.

  • DaX

    Get rid of scammers!

  • primate

    Make it easier for Discord server owners to keep their users safe. The situation is getting worse every day!

  • CryptoGuard

    @Sto1cNate said it all, it is a very widespread problem right now and server admins need to constantly be working with bots that often get outdated, stop being maintained, or just get offline from time to time. This is resulting in massive spam attacks (which can lead to lude content being spammed to children) and scam attempts being attempted against members of multiple communities.

    Please do add this option, this will save a lot of headaches to thousands upon thousands of Discord users!


    Still need this to be added

  • Pleeb

    Tossing my +1 in here for this feature.  Members of our community have been getting worried about "crawler bots" that join for just an instant, take a note of everyone in the server, then leave again.  I'm told the are ways around the solution proposed here by API access or some modified client (which I will not test since that's against the TOS).  I would be nice to truly lock down the full memberlist to specific groups.

  • a_muse_meant

    100% need

  • Nightwielder

    Yes. I've had issues with this.

  • صترايف

    This is necessary

  • Haz Rodriguez

    Discord, any updates on this? 

  • RainMaker

    Please give us tools to fight against spammers!

  • OrangeManBad

    The bot make baby Jesus cry

  • D1.yt

    just wanted to suggest this, then found this post. Still not implemented.


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