Displaying Discord Notifcations on the Phone and the Computer at the same time.


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  • Daivuk

    I second that. My friends and I just decided to ditch Skype because it's constantly buggy, and move to discord. But then we realized notification were not pushed to our phones. Then I found out that it was done on purpose? It's unfortunate..
    I leave my PC online all the time, and take just my phone with me. I do not get Badges on the app icon. Even if everything is turned on.. do I have to fully close Discord every time I get up to go somewhere?

    I found that the option says: send push after 10mins AFK. That would be great, but it seems like it doesn't work.

  • Admin

    Yes, i second that too

  • That_Panda

    Yes we need this to be fixed!

  • Speeder

    I'd also like to add a request for this to be tweakable. I would like to have alerts on my phone when a PC-Discord is running.

  • Ash

    I would like to have alerts on my phone when a PC-Discord is running.

  • Seanofthedead

    I know this is an older post but I would love this as well. Some full screen games don't let you see discord notifications so I would love the option to get them on my phone at the same time.

  • phr3n1c


  • Chido

    yes please, my pc is always on but i need the notifications when im not on it


  • Chido

    yes please, my pc is always on but i need the notifications when im not on it


  • flyjd

    Is this still in the works?


  • isaaac



  • Kathryn


  • SarahD3545

    Adding another comment because this is SO FRUSTRATING. I don't have the Discord app open on my computer, and my computer's notifs are on silent because I'm using it to study. Would like to know when friends send me messages on my PHONE.

  • Bagel

    Man seeing this is a year old and having the same problem right now is quite depressing... one day...

  • Shiro

    That would be super great !

  • roguesquirrel

    i dont understand why discord stubbornly wont fix this, no other messaging app acts this way. its expected behavior!

  • Anshul

    Replying to this a year old thread, this is a really important issue, to not get notifications of an important message on the handy device.
    Not sure why there is no response for this from the support team.

  • RedMedusa

    Same as the comment above. This is a year-old thread that still has not been addressed by Discord. Why is this still not a thing when the coding for it actually isn't that complex? If Microsoft can manage it, you would think Discord could, too.

    Please at least respond to your base rather than ignoring repeated requests for a function.

    To anyone who follows this thread, please encourage others to comment and upvote. Perhaps Discord will take note with more participation.

  • FirePhoenixFox

    I'll agree with that. This is very annoying. Heck, Discord ain't even open on my computer, and I'm still getting notifications on there as opposed to my phone. 

    Quick Edit:


    Ah heck, didn't realize it was a "feature" to avoid notifications on phone. I mean, I understand not wanting to get bombarded by notifications on your phone when you're not using Discord, but this is going too far in the other direction innit? 


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