Bot owners to be able to manage their bots in servers


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  • undermaster.
    You can change the name of your bot at Discord Developers Website, also, if an owner doesn't have the Manage Nickname Permission then you're probably not the owner. Server owners have all the permission
  • sugden

    undermaster, maybe it wasnt clear, but the reason i specified changing your bots nickname, was because it was the nickname a user may want changing, not the bots username

  • boofhead

    being a Bot owner myself I understand what Sugden is saying but changing a nickname in a server without being in the server and without permission is bad for server owners
    However a feature to force the bot to leave servers if a bot owner dislikes the server it is in and Disallow bots to re-join the same server 
    as well as prevent certain users from adding bots to server if a bot owner has a bad experience with them

  • squeegily#7499

    If it's that important, you could always just have your bot set its own nickname. It'd be much easier to just ask the server admin to change it, though. (Why not just set the name itself to what you want?)

    Anyway, it is conventional for the server owner (not the bot owner) to be the one to fiddle with bot nicknames. It might be seen as controlling or stepping-on-toes to try to set that, since you've already got the ability to set its name. Nicknames are a per-server "thing", locally administrated.

    But if you can't set nicknames, the bot can't change its nickname, and the server owner isn't amenable to changing the bot's nickname (or to changing it to what you want it to be), I think it's very appropriate to just take the L in that case and leave the server admins to administrate their servers as they see fit (which includes "redecorating" bots with local nicknames).

  • squeegily#7499

    Keep in mind, too, that even your bot itself won't necessarily have CHANGE_NICKNAME, since they only get the specific permissions the server-owners give them.

    (I do want to re-emphasize that co-ordinating with the server owner on this is a much better route for this than trying to leverage your power as bot "owner". Consider yourself more of a curator and developer.)


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