Get back your ownership without asking people to


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  • Naruto_boi

    Pls help.

  • mesub
    Not a good idea, otherwise every member will try and transfer ownership without asking.
  • marshall
    it could be abused
  • Ben!
    do you not know what transfer ownership means? It means that they own the server and you don’t. Don’t transfer ownership if you are going to want it back.
  • Zacatero
    Yeah.. you don't get claim to a server once you've transferred ownership, so if you want it back they have to transfer it back. There's only one owner at a time.
  • Frosty
    Not like this. It'd be easy to abuse. Just don't transfer ownership.
  • undermaster
    That can be a good idea sometimes but can be a bad idea sometimes. It can be abuse. Imagine trusting an ownership to someone amd just get it back without your permission. It can be a good idea too because sometimes, the user you transfered the ownership might not give you the ownership back
  • Charlie!!

    Yeah yeah singing challenge if I win I get ownership

  • CraZe Aboodi

    ya that would be a greAT IDEA



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