Please allow users to turn off auto-formatting


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    Put a backlash in front of the formatting so they don't format. "\*test*"
  • MoonlightCapital
    You can put a \ before every character that triggers markdown so it won't be parsed as such.
  • zSnails

    add \ before every md character to escape them, ex: \*heyy\*

  • Lapis L'Azuri

    Yeah, why not just go !@#!#@hey!@#!#@ instead -.-

  • Purple Hinagiku

    the backslash doesn't work anymore, at least with the desktop app. Before, using four asterisks would make it possible to show them, but now discord has completely blocked it. Honestly, if it weren't for link sharing (at which steam sucks) I wouldn't use this app. 

  • korgiedan

    Please stop telling us to use a backslash.

    Why should we have to use a backslash just to make a text application transmit the text we type? It's one thing to offer it as a workaround, but to use that to dismiss what others want is rude. It's valid for you to want markdown, and it's valid for others to not want it.

    Personally, I just want it to transmit the exact text I type. I am aware of how to use markdown. I don't want to use markdown and I don't want to be expected to use it. Yes, you can get used to it, but it's basically installing another TSR in my mind. It's bloatware for the brain. It is another mental filter that I must run all my text through if I'm to type, and I don't want to have to do that.

  • Skellitor301 VA

    Sorry to necro this but the last question does deserve an answer. The answer is simple, If you make it a simple switch, then all markdown is disabled across the board. If someone uses markdown in a server and you have it disabled, you won't see it. Markdown is extensively used in Discord by many of its users, and that's what the users intend to use. If you don't want to use it, then use \, it's not rude to tell you that, it's giving you an option. Calling it bloatware for the brain is ridiculous, it's giving everyone options. Sorry the options given to you isn't to your liking, but Discord wasn't made for anyone specifically, it's made for the use of millions of users. You have the option to disable it, you're not happy with it, tough break.

  • logunov

    Skellitor301 you do not read the question. Nobody asking to remove markdown from the whole discord, just give me an ability to disable it FOR MY SELF, I DO NOT WANT TO PUT SLASHES EACH TIME. Thanks.

    Read the lines:
    I want to disable this FOR MY SELF, not for the server. 

  • Skellitor301 VA

    Iogunov you clearly missed what I was saying, but I'll reiterate it better:

    What you're asking for is a bit more complex than simply disabling markdown for your own posts. If the system is based on using markdown universally, then they'd have to implement a check for each user's settings every time they post something in a server or in DM's. Among other changes they'd have to implement and make, it would be a bit of an overhaul to implement a feature that has gained so little demand.

    Basically, the work necessary would not be worth implementing these changes that alter the base functionality of the service to appease the handful of users that ask for this. If it was much higher demand, say top 20's-50's of features demanded, then they may consider taking on such a workload.

    So, simple solution would be to either shut it off entirely or have it on for everyone, an in between solution would be an expensive and complex change.

    Downvote me all you want, doesn't make me wrong. This feature isn't widely asked for, and the workload isn't worth it currently. If you knew anything about software development then you'd have a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

  • ckwolfling

    or hey make it so you can set it for a whole text channel. You try copying this crap


    without using the \ which would change the code. can you find all the places discord changes it?  And if you do use the  \ which backslashes might be the code and which might be the escape characters for simple text display? Hint there are two in this block.

    Being able to at least make a text channel that blocks the formatting shortcuts would work and wouldn't be that difficult to implement.


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