Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Yeah, it's an idea I liked really much. It can be helpful, if you didn't suggest this, I was gonna suggest it.
  • SamBro2901
    Discord is trying to push the Nitro($10) to be more recognised since they're getting into making game stores as well, so this is also a way of advertisement for their Nitro. As for your suggestion, I definitely agree. The Nitro($10) can hold much more value than the Classic($5) and this would also involve some fine tuning of the tiers, but either way I'd love to see an option to choose something like this.
  • SPCMarion3831
    This would be a good idea because most people usually just have Nitro Classic either because they can't afford the $10 one and/or they don't want the free games.
  • I dont understand why they only did it for the $10 sub, but not for the $5 one. Sure, they want ppl to buy the $10 one too, but this was normaly made for the free games they added, while Classic is for chat and cosmetics only. I see so many ppl, who only have the classic one, bc they just dont need the games. Now, when they want to boost a server, they cant, bc they need to pay more. But then in another way, no1 would pay double just to add a boost to a server.

    So yea do it like the idea said: Give it to Nitro Classic and double the boosts for those, who pay more.


    Also maybe give a little bonus aswell for ppl, who have a yearly sub, like idk, double boosts every 6 months or so

  • Strange

    Lol, I have the grandfathered Nitro.

  • Hydra

    I strongly agree with this suggestion. Maybe you can give more boosts for those who have nitro games! 

  • spin~

    I really like this idea, I use mobile discord more than I use Desktop so me paying $10 for just boosting and getting a subscription to get a game service I'll never use seems useless. So I hope this gets added soon!

  • Kappa

    I think the whole boost program is awesome.  Unfortunately, I only have the Classic subscription.  It be nice if Discord made a compromise where Nitro Classic was given 1 boost for a single server or something similar.  I strongly support this suggestion!

    Edit: This is also an issue because my Nitro Classic was gifted to me.  Meaning if I want the boost for my server I will have to pay the full price again instead of the upgrade price!

  • Fira

    I support this suggestion. Pretty dumb on Discord's part for putting enhanced chat features behind the subscription meant for their games store instead of the one for chatting.

  • ambiesmurf

    I want server boost added for nitro classic also. I don't need the games, and I just use discord for talking to my friends. Please discord make this possible!

  • Tremux

    I believe this suggestion makes sense as the $5 one can be a weaker boost while the $10 can be a more powerful boost as you are essentially paying for more fuel as well. It will also increase purchase rates for both $5 and $10 as some people can't afford $10 but still want to contribute. Basically it's a win-win situation.

  • Draco
    Yeah, I mean technically boosting a server is a chat perk, so it would make sense if they made it available to Nitro Classic users too.
  • Professional Cabbage

    Yeah. I only know like one person who has the Nitro with all the games. It would be a real let-down if they decided to not let Nitro-Classic boost.

  • possibleluck

    I believe this is dumb.

    Any discord nitro members should be able to upgrade there server to level 3. Or i guess this is just another advantage for big server communities. because screw your personal server with extra features.


  • Detective Pika

    Like stated the system would be simple enough.

    Discord said they want to avoid people abusing it? I think we should value the amount of money the members invest and not just devalue those that don't pay the most!

    So I think the view on what boost represents should be looked at again. If 50 pay $10 a month and boost a server that means $500 and they want their money put into improving the server they like right? Well if 100 people are paying $5 a month and want to improve their server then it's equivalent the same thing correct?

    Solution is simple!
    Double the required points for each level
    1 : 4
    2 : 20
    3 : 100

    $5 Sub = 1 boost point
    $10 Sub = 2 boost point

    This way it is completely fair and the boosts are equivalent to 1 point per $5

  • Mugen

    Totally agree because I have always had a nitro classic sub, however looking at it from a different perspective, and apart from Discord's obvious prospect to encourage users to purchase Nitro gaming, perhaps locking Nitro boosting behind a $10 paywall is in their best interest after all. I mean imagine if Nitro Classic also had the boosting privilege... what are the odds that almost nobody would purchase the $10 Nitro sub and generally favor Nitro Classic in the future instead? Regardless of balance if both subs benefitted boosting, Classic would be such a good deal for most users in that case while such a business would definitely be the least profitable for Discord I guess. Just my speculation.

  • Shooter

    I have supported the discord for a very long time as a large part of users and feel a little missed.

    Tiny communities would also like to have a banner. :(

  • Mugen

    That's precisely why I feel like users who have been long time nitro subscribers deserve more boosting points to be honest, best case scenario would be being able to boost multiple servers at a time or the same server like 2-3 times unless that's asking too much. 🙏

  • Meggle

    I agree, even if its "just classic" its a paid service and should also be able to boost the server.  Perhaps people with the $10 tier can count as "two" boosts and classic can be just one.  Either way, classic should have this option built in and its silly/grubby to hide it in the $10 tier.


    You gotta look at it this way, a lot of gamers/people have a butt-ton of subs they need to pay for so many things, some might only be able to budget $5 for discord but want to because they use it a lot, they should still be able to boost.  It makes sense having the games be part of the $10 tier but at least let Classic boost.

  • Itzi

    I don't mind giving a little extra here and there, but to double my Nitro subscription is just out of the question. I don't play any of the games or anything. I got Nitro for the emotes. Maybe if you have Nitro classic, you can pay an extra 10 bucks to throw a year-long boost on a server. I'd do that. But not monthly. 

  • Yunii

    I'm goin to have to repost this since I can't wait.

    I honestly don't give a care in the world about current or free games so that's why I buy yearly Nitro Classic because I have been using this chatting app literally 24/7 for the past 4 years. I've been asking for more emoji slots since forever and this is the chance for it. Server boosting has completely no correlation to anything related to games so why it is walled off to full Nitro users only when the focus of Nitro Classic is mainly focused for chat perks, which the perks server boosting gives is totally only chat and cosmetic perks.

    I also personally think more people will jump from non-Nitro to Classic rather than Classic to Full Nitro too since not everyone plays games but everyone does chat. If you are using this as a way to give more focus to full nitro, this isn't a good way.

    Anyways here are some ideas that keep the fact that Full Nitro is still a step above Classic.

    Idea 1: Let Classic Nitro users boost a server even if it doesn't count as a full boost. Instead of what OP said for 1 boost and 2 boosts, I think half a boost and full boost might work better. Maybe yearly subscribers should get a better boost as well?

    Idea 2: There could also be a different boost bar just for Nitro Classic users that gives only some or splits the perks the Full Nitro boost bar could give.
    For example, the Classic Nitro bar only has the +Emoji Slots perk and the Full Nitro bar has everything else.
    The Nitro Classic user can only boost the Nitro Classic boosts bar but Full Nitro can boost both.

  • strang

    I genuinly understand where they're coming from with the 10$ thing but, I really dont want to pay an extra 5$ just to boost some servers. I don't even need the games either. The entire "Nitro Games" seemed like a good idea until they had games I just didn't like or already had on steam.

  • Matko

    Let people with classic nitro boost servers because of ONE reason:


    Please let us have this, Discord. Just think about it.

  • ambiesmurf

    I am also a MacBook User and I have no use for the nitro games...! Please let classic nitro users have the boost!

  • Cmonster

    Also it would useful for people with a yearly classic subscription to be able to upgrade for a single month, instead of having to pay 50$ for a whole year of upgraded nitro

  • NotNull

    Yeah I have 1k users in my discord and not one of them wants to double their subscription to give us perks we should already have. Great idea, executed very poorly. Shame on you guys. Do you have any idea how many people you got excited and then disappointed?

  • Kratøs

    Yes please! -_- ; NITRO CLASSIC is not worth of 4.99 USD a month and you are planning to not give server boost perk to nitro classic ; that's totally unfair, it is one of the reason that is making me to think to quit discord classic nitro subscription... Don't think just about your own profit  please -_-

  • Sky~

    I think Discord should add a way for us to buy booster. For example, 1 USD for 1 booster, instead of subscribing to Nitro.

    (I want to boost my friend's Discord server, but I'm the only person who bought Nitro, that's mean reaching Level 1 or higher is IMPOSSIBLE for us. Plus, I'm a Mac User, WE HAVE NO USE FOR THE GAMES SINCE WE CAN'T PLAY THEM ANYWAY!)

  • Alb๛rt™

    The idea is quiet appropriate according to me and the server boost is not completely launched so atleast add it before taking it to the wild.

  • Mirabella

    I completely agree ^^


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