Transfering badges from one account to the other.


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  • Zacatero
    I could see this being a good idea if it was a part of an overall account transfer like "I lost access to my account and Im getting it all transferred to a new account" or whatever.
  • lengo
    They can sell badges with this.
  • Daffy
    I agree, this would be an interesting feature to have, however, I unfortunately think there's a lot of opportunity for such a feature to be abused (like giving it to a friend and all), which makes me doubtful this will be put into action
  • Lemaaa
    its already possible
  • Lemaaa

    Its already possible if you contact discord on but i think discord can't add a transfer button do to people abuse

  • ddddddddddddd

    Actually it isn't. I contacted them yesterday and they told me to leave a suggestion.


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