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  • WeXaztor

    I mean, if you misunderstood what boost did then that is on you. Using animated emotes is a Nitro perk and not a boost perk. to get the chat perk you don't have to pay for the 100 freedoms a year version, you only need the 50 freedoms a year, so personally i feel like you are strongly overreacting.

    If the classic tier Nitro is too pricy for what you get, then maybe just accept that it's not something that you really want.

  • Hellomynameis99

    Actually @WeXaztor, if we misunderstood what boost does, that's really on Discord for misleading us with vague descriptions of perks.

    Who knew that an animated server icon "only in server" didn't actually mean "only in server" but actually meant "only when you hover over the icon"?

  • Fnction

    In the vague descriptions we were given, it never said anything about everyone being aloud to use animated emotes, but I agree that it would be cool if everyone could use animated emotes in a boosted server.


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