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  • JackTEK
    The account creation date already exists within the API (Application Programming Interface), but it isn't shown in the default app. You can find your accounts creation date with the userinfo command (or similar) on a number of bots. If they're decent, they'll also show the number of days since you created your account too. In terms of hours online, it's possible but I don't see how it'd be very useful, though maybe others do.
  • robin

    i agree ive been dying to see how may hours ive wasted of my life on discord 

  • yeh let us know

  • Henos

    this is the greatest cliff hanger ever


  • ? כ

    This is the greatest cliff hanger of All Time 

  • tero

    I had to sign in just to tell you how this is the greatest refrence of All Time

  • fox beetle

    but is it the greatest cliffhanger or the worst?? /j

  • Alex (She/Them)

    Approximately 1,000 texts is 6 hrs. We did a study by getting a few users to text normal each day and time around a 6 hr time expand within nearly a week to make it accurate. As you'll see in the graph we estimated the times of days by the 6 hrs to the number of texts to get the total end of a 1000 and as you see you'll see the max and min amount of text for the daily users is around the 250 range expand above and below a thousand making it quite a accurate estimate number of the 1000. We are not saying this is necessarily true as Users text at a different paste and timing but we did base it off of a few users who are decently active so this can verify higher or lower but just for a ideal it's a estimate of 1000 texts per every 6 hrs. We'll show a graph so you'll get a idea of what we mean and hope his gives you a idea of how many hrs your own actively.

  • ŦryŇdaϻyre

    id like to know how many flipping hours im on discord


  • eery🌹

    i'm curious, and a lot of people here are really wondering how we can check our hours, maybe in total or on a daily, that would be really coo.

  • CalmMagian

    What do u do to find out

  • Pretzyy

    Something something cliff hanger

  • Max.

    I've made a bot for this purpose here's the link

  • JackeyDragon

    Hey Max,
    sadly your bot doesnt work for me and my server (I would send a scrrenshot but i dint know how). I tried this from my phone, so does it only not work for phones? And Only out of intrest, could you show me how you did that? I searched quicky in the Internet but i didnt found something.

  • Max.

    Hey JackeyDragon I would like to receive your screenshot 

    Here my discord server


  • coolestSTEVE53

    Guys, I'm here to finally solve all your problems.

    go to User Settings> Privacy and Safety 

    then scroll all the way to the bottom and download your data ( takes a few days)

    after you download it go to this website and your done!


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