Import & Export server presets JSON


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  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Yeah agreed. This is really an awesome idea and now, take an upvote from me.
  • Alexandre

    This would be a good idea if they added this. beacause im lazy.

    also thanks for recommending this even if its still not added daniil.

  • TheGamerAdmin

    Awesome idea. People could even make applications (.exe) so that making a server is even simpler!

  • Ben!
    That is a really good idea! Every time I make a server, I take a long time to make it look good and be functional, and this would save so much time! +1!
  • thetechguy
    good idea.
  • Fnction

    This is a bot just to let you know: .  This bot allows you to transfer almost all of the server settings (channel settings,  categories, channels, general settings, roles, role settings.)  I definitely think this is a great idea though!  Very good for making a back up server!

  • Justman10000
    I would also add this feature in the permissions of individual channels and categories! And add this feature quickly, as it makes me mad to always have to set that again for each category!
  • Analeo

    Sounds great! To have a preset of everything you created


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