Make it where hypesquad house members get more perks than they already have, like nitro, just worse.


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  • NoMercies
    Hypesquad members are there because they are passionate about discord. Not for free rewards.
  • Northern
    Hypesquad is made to hype people about discord. not get free perks.
  • boss
    As NoMercies said, Hypesquad members aren't there for perks. Bad idea imo
  • ur mom of the dearest

    thats not what hypesquad members do, they enjoy things about discord not just like to get free rewards!
    and also hypesquad is hard for people who are shy to film themselves so its hard! and hypesquad house is easy and shouldnt have as many perks cuz they only do a quiz while hypesquad members actually filled in an application!
    all this means is it isnt fair


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