Frequently Used Emoji change


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  • boss
    I too use mobile and see it as a pain sometimes, so I think this would be great.
  • DragoCubed

    Discord has even removed other posts asking for nitro emoji. Its just a massive ad for nitro

  • harshv

    Yes please !!!!! This is super annoying. No one uses the poop emoji on our server. The :joy: emoji doesn't exist either ;( 

  • Yenski

    Not only that, but the emoji showing up in the "frequently used" section are ones I've never used... just taking up space.  Anyone know a way to remove the category, or at least fix it?

  • RyanLand

    thats to advertise nitro. I'm personally a nitro user but it would be nice for some settings for frequently used:
    - let it be Latest Used instead
    - toggle if it also counts reactions
    - hide emojis not in the server
    - not show when you dont have external emote perms

  • pαpα

    The Frequently Used Emoji is a royal pain as it doesn't work.  How hard could it be to keep a counter for each emoji used, and show the top 20?  Answer:  It's not hard.  It's also a feature that pretty much every chat client has.   Discord is missing basic stuff like this and needs to fix it.


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