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  • index.ts
    That would be really helpful tbh! I'm not sure how it would work but it would be cool to see!
  • shard
    That can help a lot of people that want to ping people but in the same time don't want to bother them with the ping
  • Cloud

    Is that not the same as @here

  • BadWeatherAlchemy

    @here sends a notification to everyone already online, and can’t be directed to a certain person. It’s more or less the inverse of what I’d like... As for how it would work, I guess some combination of two characters? s@ or something...

  • Reset

    If u don`t want to hear any pings, you can go on do not disturb mode.

  • Jif

    That is not what is meant here. What we want is a way for us to ping someone (regardless of THEIR settings) without it interrupting them or anything. Just a notification to see the next time they log on, not immediately on their devices.

  • W01

    I really want this, because you could check if someone is invis or not.

    Either they are invis, and they want to talk to people on the server you're on

    or they are invis, and they don't want to talk or they are actually offline.


    Either way, I get to find out if people are on or at least willing to appear on to me, without bothering them if they are actually off.

  • DarkSwordsman

    I'm not sure why I always see such disagreement for features that improve the overall notification experience. Or people that go out of their way to say "but you can just do this" without actually understanding what we want.

    I completely agree that this feature should exist.

    For example, my brother is currently sleeping. I have an absolutely great meme I want to send him, but I know he has notifications on so I don't want to wake him up. Though, I know I will forget to send him the meme later.

    I think this does have a more practical use, like for actual important information such as a grocery list or list of tasks.

    It would be a very useful feature, along with the few other notification-related feature suggestions.

    By the way, this feature actually partially exists in Slack. You can set active hours and, if someone messages you outside your active hours, it will send by default without notifying the user. 

    But, if the message is urgent, you can force a notification from your end. Maybe this is a better feature than this one, especially since it's user-sided?

    These sorts of notification features that are missing are the main reasons why I almost exclusively run DnD mode and have muted tons of servers permanently. If I am getting pinged, my expectation is that it's for something important.

    This is especially important for someone like me that has a huge issue with getting distracted. I have not gotten tested, but I believe that I have ADD or ADHD. Either way, pings distract me, and for them to be for actually unimportant things makes me upset. 

  • Raptr

    This is something I'd love to see implemented, my girlfriend and I mainly talk over Discord and often times she'll pass out and I want to send her a message saying goodnight but I don't want to actually ping her, I just want it to come by and if it's seen, then it's seen but if not she'll see it in the AM and not woken up by a goodnight text.

    I definitely think that messages should have a subtext like edited messages have so you can't pull some crap like "I messaged you hours ago" and they never were pinged. Maybe a (sent via soft ping) message.

    I also like what DarkSwordsman is saying about the forced ping, which would be nice for someone who really needs the message to go through.

  • Kelvin2theMoon

    I work graveyards so  I'm often not awake when other people are and a soft ping would be nice if I'd like to leave them message but don't want to wake them up, just in case they've not have their silent times set up proper. Would be useful for people living in different time zones too I imagine.

    Gimmi !

  • CometGoat

    I use discord for work and want to soft ping people if I do extra work on the weekends, without ruining their time off!

  • RyanG

    Why is this not a thing yet? There are a few different ways to ping someone but no way to make sure you don't ping them. I want to be considerate when messaging people at certain times!

  • hiii

    yea this would be cool I would also like some commands or something that could allow you to send a msg without alerting evreone 

  • metasamsara

    I would love to see some kind of check box with the purpose of making the message not trigger a notification for DMs. For instance right now I wanted to send a game trailer my gf would love, but now she's asleep and I don't want to risk waking her up. Having the ability to send silent messages would be great.

  • Fluffiels

    this would be an amazing feature, and i would always use it.

    i tend to watch youtube videos until around 5am, and i would encounter funny videos that i think my friend would like to watch so i DM my friends. but i always get the feeling that i might wake them up by accident and i end up not sending more than 1 link each night. this is an awesome feature, please make it happen!

  • (Cesar)

    as somebody with a lot of friends from around the world, I think I need this

  • Nolfinkol

    This is essentially implemented now with the @silent ping. Put that ping at the beginning of your message and any mentions you make won't send a notification but will show a red number when the person checks Discord. There's even an indicator attached to the message that shows it was a silent one. 

  • wawelski99

    isn`t that the same as normal message but instead of a message it has @username?


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