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  • DH

    This is badly needed on the desktop app and browser. The server list and channel list take up about 20-25% of the total UI space yet are typically not used more than a few times a session to switch channel.


    In my own personal use case i switch channels about 3 times a day and use discord about 12 hours a day. the channel and server list takes up 25% of the real estate and restricts me from shrinking the UI down to reclaim monitor space.

    I can't believe this isn't a feature yet.

  • fog

    If Discord is meant for gamer chat, it makes sense that it should be able to fit in nooks and crannies on the screen. A collapsible channel column would go a looong way to improve this aspect. I'd even go so far as to shrink the server icon column to 30-50 % of its current width when in this compact mode. Hovering over the servers could pop it out a bit, and clicking on a server could pop out the channel column when you switch, then hide itself once you choose a channel or the window loses focus.

  • Bayangan

    I'm not saying this a permanent solution as this is something that should be simple to implement but for my use I made a userstyle CSS sheet.

    It will collapse the width to 10px when it's not being hovered over.

    For anyone that wants to use it it available from here

    I recommend installing the Stylus extension as the Stylish one has been know to steal user data.

    I've also added the option to shrink the server list. This is configurable when you install the style.

    Chrome | Firefox

  • haunter

    Please make this happen. Its my number one gripe with the UI.

    There is so much space that could be saved by allowing us to collapse both the user list and the channel list. There's really no reason not to allow this.

  • zaan

    Yes please. 

  • Bayangan


    I have updated my style to allow you to shrink the server list as well.

  • nananyan

    In fact, this collapse menu can be really useful!
    I know a person that has less than 5% of vision, and use discord in small resolution. Probably because the usability software to read the screen for him, but the central column is awful to read.
    Printscreen here: 


    It will be very helpful I think.

  • RedAM

    How the heck is this not highly requested? Do people not like more screen real-estate?

  • pushqrdx

    for a sophisticated ui like discord i was really surprised that i can't collapse the channel list, i kept looking everywhere thinking there's noway it isn't there 

  • kelly

    Please add this feature!!! Thanks.

  • canagan

    Considering how old this request is and how Discord's dev team has completely ignored it, this will not happen any time soon.

  • EricT

    Please add this.  Waste of real estate once you're in the correct channel.

  • patho5

    Yes please!

  • Bunkai

    We need this added as soon as possible, please.

  • R_E_L_bikes

    I turned my second monitor vertical to help with workflow now that we're doing shelter in place. I also have my personal pc on the same monitors. It would help in both work and play if the channel and online/offline columns, at the very least the channel column, collapsed. As it stands currently, the layout is cluttered and feels cramped on my vertical display. This is the only app I use that doesn't have this feature.

  • ceti alpha

    Please make this happen. The Discord chat web application is HUGE. I hate using it for that reason alone. Fixing this would fix 99.99% of problems for me. 

  • Steelviper44

    add htis already jesus christ

  • Dimitri

    Yes! Add it please! It would also greatly benefit me to have a simpler screen and not have so many distractions. I love discord so far!

  • Adhael

    I agree, it would be a very welcome change, and probably a very simple one to implement !

  • Discorder

    Really surprised this isn't already a feature. Using Discord on mobile web browser is great, but the channel pane is taking up too much screen space.

  • MegaByte

    Please, Discord. The Server list on the left side of the screen really takes up much of the space. Please make this feature collapsible - more real estate!!!!

    I really hope you add this very soon <3

  • Zync

    very good idea

  • koala

    I agree that a collapsible server list would be very helpful, it actually takes up a lot of space.

  • omlet


  • fczuardi

    bummer, the workaround for now is to drop the desktop app, use the website and remove the sidebar div with a css rule

  • Discorder

    fczuardi that is a great idea, there is no way to do that on iOS Firefox right?

  • eiuf

    This is a must-have


  • 𝖉𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓

    There's a Chrome extension called Hide Discord Sidebar. It doesn't hide it completely but it definitely helps

  • eiuf

    I think it's safe to say people are looking for this in the desktop client.

  • Red Hawk

    How is this still not a feature? Apart from improving the user experience it's a massive step for accessibility options, as pointed out previously, the fact that the user bar, server bar and channel list don't collapse and more importantly, don't change their scale when resizing is a huge drawback in terms of usability.


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