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  • zimhappy

    I am in agreement! Yes!

  • Sherista

    Please add copy text auditing to discord. Thank you!

  • bduza

    Please add the feature Nikitis mentioned so the mods can tack who is stealing our info. I am in agreement with his request. Thanks!

  • AngelLITE😇🙏🇺🇸

    Yes! Agree with Nikitis! Thank You!

  • ReggieRR

    I am in agreement to stop the leakers! Thank you for your time & consideration in getting this task complete.

  • FlavorFlave

    100% agree

  • MkMrMny

    This is so totally needed.  Please implement asap.  Thank You :) 


  • Wings

    Yes I agree

  • ittybitty111

    I agree

  • laurynbro

    Please Add Copy / Text Auditing to the Discord Server as The Nikitis has requested.   Thanks!!

  • Storm

    Great Idea 👍 I concur 💯%

  • Dr.Done

    Yes, please do what it takes to keep this precious information safe. Also, we all appreciate what Mr. Fleming and Kizz bring. Thank you from Dr. Done

  • jmh41031

    I agree



  • sylveon

    Why are you sharing secure info on Discord? You know the T&S team can read everything you post in any server, right?

  • sjf64

    I agree

  • Lyon

    I agree completely,do what can be done to get rid of the leakers.This is stressing me out.”

  • jn5ip9

    I see several problems with this feature request.

    1. Cross platform compatibility
    2. A near infinite amount of bypasses / workarounds
    3. Invasion of user privacy

    Cross Platform Compatibility

    If Discord wanted to add clipboard & screenshot monitoring, they would have to take into account all of the different platforms that Discord runs on. (Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Linux). They would have to spend weeks developing hacky methods for each and every platform. Ask any software developer if this task would be easy, their answer will be "no. not at all.".

    And that leads me to my second point:

    Bypasses and Workarounds

    Even if Discord managed to implement copy & screenshot protection, there would inevitably be workarounds. Anyone with a bit of technological knowledge could figure several methods of overcoming this screenshot protection feature. For example: using 3rd party screen-shooting software OR using screen recording software (like OBS). Even if Discord could detect if those applications are running, you could always run discord in a sandboxed environment all-together. Like a Virtual Machine. It doesn't take a genius to come up with possible workarounds that would work.

    Invasion of User Privacy

    Why should Discord monitor my clipboard and screenshots? It has no good reason to. It should only access my clipboard when I tell it to. I personally see this as shady, and unnecessary. A clipboard monitoring system is not unlike malware.

    Although I can see why you would want a feature like this. But I'm telling you, this would not fix the problem, and would likely cause a large community backlash.



  • zariem

    And once it is implemented, people will use screenshots instead, and Discord cannot detect these.


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