Kicked/Banned from Server Notification


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  • Jeffrey

    I feel like this wouldn't really be a super used feature, due to the amount of bots that already have functionalities like this, but if it were to be implemented, I don't really understand if like the modal would just pop up or something. I feel like a DM from clyde would work better. But that's just my take 


  • jack'


  • how do i un-kick someone?

  • donovan_dmc

    You don't "un-kick" anyone, you send them an invite to the server. You cannot undo a kick, or rejoin them to the server, they have to join back on their own.

  • Max.

    I dont understand how this is not a feature already? Mods must have a reason to ban somebody. The user should be notified what they did wrong, So wrongful bans dont occur. And The duration of the ban, Etc... 

  • Crusader for souls

    So how many infractions do I need to be kicked from discord entirely?



    There is a bunch of servers I never joined but yet I get banned when I never joined them like just now it says I was banned from sunlight for a DM advertisement when I was never on the server I have a different ID number my name is a in a font so why did I get banned for no reason?

  • マゾ deku

    I was just recently banned from the official my hero academia server but i dont know why and i would like to know why but i dont know how to contact the admin that banned me


    How do i know the date when i got banned from a server?

    how do i know the history log of when i got banned? pls help me

  • zach.h.

    I think this would make things so much better.

  • Freezing Boi

    I try to give invite after I kicked but it says that the invite is invalid, and when I send a new invite, it says the same thing.

  • Zoe Kitten XvX

    This may be old but I completely agree! I have suffered from mental issues about being randomly banned from 4-7 servers without a reason and I feel like I did nothing wrong.

    I have tried to ask but no one would give me an answer (Or I was blocked by the owner), or the answer would be a really mean one. I don't join servers anymore because of this and feel like I can only trust a few servers I am already in...

    I don't want people to go through the things I went and still am going through.

    I really feel bad that people and 13+ that go through issues like these... It sounds like an awesome idea to me and would help a great deal with what I have been through..

  • moon_child

    I've been wondering, I recently got kicked out along with a lot of users. And they never told us why they kicked us out, We had roles, we were the right age to sign up. Is it a glitch of some sort? 

  • Jj

    I got banned from the Minecraft server cause I did something but it wasn't me

  • Kamari333

    i think this would be a good accessibility addition; there are a number of neurodivergencies that would benefit from this sort of notification, ones with anxiety or memory issues especially

    of course, the option to turn these off would also help. give folks the choice to have them or not

  • How would it work if you’re offline when you get kicked/banned? Thing just pops up when you go on Discord when you wake up?

  • Doc

    In offline cases maybe a system message in DM or a email.

  • kevindevm

    lol yes i just got banned from a server and didn even know what happen until i seen a invite i created for that server saing user was banned

  • BeanHello

    I've joined so many servers on my main account that I feel there are servers I've been kicked/banned from I've forgotten about. The only two I know of are the Minecraft server (most likely for inactivity) and the Team Forever dev server (because I was never a part of Team Forever), but that's it.

  • grim_hunter

    Sadly this hasn't been implemented yet though being such a useful feature.pls devs this is a my acc was hacked and spammed all a result i got kicked, probably banned now i have no idea which server is i were in😫.

  • Shiro Minamino

    This banned/kicked thing in discord wonders me. I leave a server and then when I wanted to go back, I cannot go back. Technically, im not banned since I'm the one who leave. Now, I use different IP to connect and create account. But what confuse me is even I'm just starting to talk to the server, the server gone once again, and when I tried the invite, once again, not allowing me to enter can conclude I get banned. But then, I'm using different IP also just a new account. Then I create new account to go there and see if there's a warning cause when someone get banned, it was indicated in server channels but none. There's none. This keeps on happening. Quite irritating to be honest. Making me dislike discord now. Especially when I'm talking to someone and we suddenly got cut off because of unknown banned


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