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  • GIR

    Google Stadia integration yes please

  • Azure

    its too much pain in the ass for discord to work on that xD

  • Flebsy

    Apple Music is my main want out of this list, the functionality is already there with Spotify.

  • KensonPlays

    Why aren't some of these things in yet? Especially "Streaming" status for other platforms besides Twitch, like Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, etc?

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    +1 for Origin and Uplay

  • nerim4n

    I agree

  • dlivermagazin

    DLive !

  • SGT Dutchy

    could add grammarly to have access

  • TheCanadianGTR

    What about Game Center, Google Play Games, EA, Microsoft, OneDrive, Windows Mail, Gmail and iCloud?

  • FruitChips

    Add Amazon Music to this

  • Commander GreyFox

    I still want itunes itergration, i dont like apple but i use apple music

  • Corry

    This would definitely revolutionize the way we use not just Discord, but communicating as a whole.

  • Rebouz

    There are many platforms in this list, but I have another one that might not be this obvious:

    Spotify Artists Accounts.

    We currently can only link user accounts, but artists obviously would love to show their songs. So why not also add those artist accounts?

    I guess this is a different profile connection than the user accounts, so that's why I commented this here.

  • Atalie

    I recently created a thread for adding Ko-fi !

  • Dam

    I'd really like to see Instagram added.

  • brabu

    I am also looking for this intergradation.  Ipl Schedule +1 to this suggestion!

  • Jeremy Bryan

    Thanks for sharing this Profile Connections Feedback Index! It looks like a helpful resource for anyone looking to provide feedback or suggestions for specific connections.

    If you're interested in suggesting improvements for a particular Profile Connection, I would suggest following the links provided in the index and upvoting the individual post for that connection. This will help to prioritize the most popular suggestions and give the developers a better sense of what users are looking for.

    Thanks again for sharing this resource, and I hope it helps to improve the Profile Connections feature for everyone!


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