Nested folders for new Folders feature (+ some others)


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  • Deusolux

    Unizornz, what about when you play a lot of games and are in all their different servers? You need a way to organize the servers by game type, and then have folders inside that "game-genre" that contain the games' official server (for updates/feedback) plus peer-created servers (the ones for friends n stuff). If not, it'll be a jumbled mess on the single column window that we have for a UI, meaning you will have to take extra time to scroll through stuff when it could just be simpler.

  • zusky

    I think we need this. I would call it subfolders though.

  • Inty

    Yes, please. 
    I would call that recursive folders :P

  • That one Amazon Geri™

    i would love to be able to place all of my folders in one folder so i don't ever need to look at them again.

  • Chibumi


  • Galactic Specter

    I love the idea but think people would not because it would make folders complicated

  • Racila



    Putting a folder in a folder would make a black hole


    Putting a folder in a folder would make a black hole

  • Voltis

    The problem is that it would make the limit of 99 servers useless, that there would be an infinity of floders! They added this feature, try to see adventures before finding him Defects

  • Unizornz

    just do 2 folders


  • Saluki

    I don't really think we need this.

  • Breeze
    server thats unrequired because you shouldnt even have that many servers to need servers in server folders in server folders, and also naming Server Folders already exists, so does coloring them.

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