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  • Kaspar

    It would be nice if the block function actually prevented them from looking at your profile or look back at old messages in PM's from you. IMO having a block function should mean they cant see anything you do and post and you can't see theirs. It would be very beneficial if they had that on the discord app to where blocked users can't see anything you make or post and likewise to prevent stress, stalking, and further harassment. 

    I know people can block evade as well, that will always be a problem, but this would be a better solution to the blocking issues because when people see the message from blocked user thing well most are tempted to click it cause they get curious to what it says. If taken away most will not know what the other says and continue as is without problem. 

  • Shmitz

    Having a big "X blocked messages" bar across your screen really defeats the purpose of a blocking feature. Particularly as someone who has struggled with anxiety and social anxiety, if I block someone it's because I don't want to dedicate *any* of my thought processes to their existence ever again. And yet when that big bar pops up, it still makes me stop and think "who is that?", "what could they have said, and what would I say in response?" And I don't click it because I think that invalidates ever having blocked them in the first place, but then the mind just churns.

    Blocking as it currently stands just doesn't function as blocking. And also, if you've blocked multiple people and they start talking to each other, it eventually completely breaks the chat.

    Users should be able to turn off the bar completely, and even for people who don't turn it off, it should be far more subtle (perhaps a small marker on the side of the chat between chat lines).

  • E_ighth

    I blocked this person, I would really rather just forget about his existance.

    I don't want to be reminded of his existance in chat thanks to "x blocked messages". I would much appreciate if the reminder was completely removed.

    When in voice chat the measures in place are plenty, but it would be a nice addition if it removed the joining and leaving sound of the person you blocked even if you have those enabled.

  • Hiddles

    Block should protect you from the account you are blocking. They shouldn’t have access to your messages like they do now. At most they should be seeing — blocked — and know they aren’t able to see it. They shouldn’t have the option to expand and read it as you do currently if you block them. I honestly don’t want to know what someone I blocked is doing.

  • almostsuspense
    it should be enabled or disabled in user settings
  • Drizzt

    this is killing me on discord.  Blocking isnt blocking if the blocked person is able to to spam you w/ "Blocked Message" messages.  
    i can block a few trolls and then if they keep spamming the chat becomes cluttered w/ "Blocked message" messages lol

  • Tunky

    This. This is the most annoying feature with Discord atm. Seeing "X blocked messages" is very annoying and has made me mute a server I used to be very active in, to the point where I basically could've left it all together. I really don't want to see that "X blocked messages". At least make it an option to fully block someone. The way it is not is very useless at least for me. I know this is the case for some of my friends in and from the same server.

  • Blanken

    How the block system is right now is really not sufficient. If i want to block someone for a good reason, i want everything blocked. and not be reminded of it everytime said person does anything. what's the point of blocking said person to begin with then?

  • hungry

    And blocking doesn’t prevent the person you blocked from seeing your messages in server channels? There absolutely needs to be a way to hide your activity from someone you don’t want to interact with. If I block you, you shouldn’t see what I say or my online status.

  • Powerdork (ne/nem/nir)

    Out of sight, out of mind.

  • ElliebethDunc

    If I'm blocking someone it means I do not want to see messages and reminders of their messages at all. Please amend this so you can choose to opt for function to either see or not see blocked messages from people you've blocked. At the moment it is annoying, might as well have not blocked them in the first place.

  • ravenshining

    Because Discord has had a rather lenient block, I mostly use it for bots and people who are just random and uninteresting, not because I have a real problem with them.  Up until recently that has meant that I can still carry on a conversation with them despite the block.  If blocking was strengthened like people are requesting, I'll have to go and unblock a bunch of people and suffer through all the annoying stuff on my server if I want to be able to interact with any of them.

    I'd rather have "block" split into two settings, say "hide" which just puts users under a spoiler but still allows interaction, searching, etc.; and a full "block" that does more like people are saying here.  Recently it seems to be in a middle ground that satisfies no-one.

  • metaltitant

    If someone blocks me I shoudl nto have to be able to see their every message in servers as if they never blocked me in the first palce, if they change their profile picture and their @/ you end up with the frustration of constantly trying to interact with someoen you dont know has you blocked and getting angry at being constantly ignored by that person until you try takin it into DMs and seeing that they have you blocked

  • TheNerdWife

    Why does blocking not stop the blocked person from seeing what the person that has blocked them posted. That is unacceptable. Blocking should mean BLOCKING

  • PenQuinnFrog

    So what I'm seeing here is Discord supports abusers. I've left several discords because of the lack of a blocking system.

  • Soylent Warrior

    Please do this. It's not even that hard I may guess.

  • Hiddles

    Make it so admin/mods of a certain level have permission within their server to see all comments. They could see if someone was still trying to harass someone or spamming that way. They may not be able to message a problem user directly but would be able to flag them or submit a report to discord to be reviewed and have them shut out, and they’d still be able to ban them from their own servers in the meanwhile. 

    I have dropped out of communities because I couldn’t stop a creep from watching for and responding to everything I did. I’ve tried to explain it to the Admin but they didn’t like conflict. As a user you should be able to protect yourself from abuse and harassment to some level and not just wait on admin to finally do something.

  • FireFrog

    As someone whose abuser is still in my community i would reeaally love if they could update the block feature to just wholey remove any trace of them

  • Low Key

    i shouldn't have to consider leaving an entire community because blocking does not actually block someone from seeing my posts in that group. this is a huge privacy and security issue that could be fixed almost entirely on the user's end when group mods fail to listen. 

  • Malicat

    Not only can they see all of your messages, AND you get the annoying "57 blocked messages" notification, it also SENDS NOTIFICATIONS that there is new activity in the channel.  No.  Just no.  If I block someone, it's because I don't want to see them, and I don't want notifications that they're talking.  It's frustrating and annoying.  Please let us have an actual, functioning block feature.

  • donkz

    I'm also here to voice my disappointment with non-blocking function

    This is half-way done. If i chose to block someone I don't mean "show me what they are saying under a veil"

  • queen

    I don't even care that Discord's broken block feature is useless because it shows me "X blocked messages" over and over. I care because the user can SEE WHAT I AM TYPING IN GROUP SERVERS. That is NOT okay. I get it, the major issue is that mods/admins need to be able to see all users messages within their servers, but that should be a permission, NOT a reason to stop the block function from functioning as a true block.

    If the issue is really that mods/admins might be blocked by users who can then go wild, make it so that mods/admins can see all messages regardless of blocking, and if a user wants to block them, they'll have to leave the server. I see no issue with that at all. You shouldn't be in a server if you're being harassed by a mod anyway.

  • PenQuinnFrog

    I have several people in a server blocked and I keep getting those annoying "1 blocked message" I agree with a Hide/Block split. Let me block them and never actually be annoyed by them again.

  • BlacKcuD

    Give us this feature NOW. Can't be that hard to actually implement an actual blocking of the message. Just make it hidden in CSS if you can't handle the asynchronous chat.

  • This is what's holding me back from buying Nitro, and they force you to pay every month. There's this thing with the GIFs disappearing as well when you logout, can't really pay a company that doesn't get things done for the money you pay.

  • Seren

    why are abusers and other toxic people allowed to message and see posts made by people who have "blocked" them. how is that blocking

  • Anneka

    Honestly knowing that the person I blocked can still see my posts and seeing "31 BLOCKED MESSAGES" that you can click on to see defeats the purpose of the block function. It gets to the point where I leave the server completely. When I block someone, I do not want to be reminded that they exist.

  • Salvia Divinorum

    I never needed to block anyone in Discord before. But now I've decided to do so for a first time, assuming that they will be gone from my eyes, as well as my activity will be hidden for them. Because that's what you expect when 'blocking' someone. Was surprised to find out that it's not the case. Please rework it ASAP.

  • hyperian

    Agreed, if I block someone, I don't want to see them in the online list. It's rather annoying seeing folks I actively blocked in my lists and suggestions for gameplay. :(

  • BlacKcuD

    You even get message pings by these people. Discord is the leading gaming platform, trumping everything, but how do we not have a working ignore list yet?


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