Mac App Store / Microsoft Store


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  • Alf
    That would be great, man.
  • Delol


  • とわ

    I think so too. Mac App Store and Microsoft Store are safer and easier to install the app.

  • CMars91

    The Mac App Store allows for much easier installation.

  • Magicpony

    I'm on the Surface 7 and it doesn't allow me to install Discord at all, not on the store or through the website, seeing it on the store would be wonderful.

  • astatinium

    I don't think this will happen due to policies on Mac App Store regarding 30 percent cut of most transactions, and 5% on Windows Store when downloading the .exe from the internet is much more common practice for users on that platform.


    Regarding Catalyst that is something I would really like to see as well.


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