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  • Senko

    So my ticket is getting closed since 'duplication'

    Though i explained it a bit further with artwork

    guess i'm posting that here ._.

    Without mention towards you reply example:

    With mention towards you reply:

    Clicking on the reply would send you to the message
    Option would be nice to have next to the emote icon


    If this is not the same, then i'll be sad since my post will be gone D:

  • thetechguy
    this needs to be implemented. i mean its logic.
  • Lightning

    The markdown option is *not* a quoting feature, it's just another way to format your posts. I am extremely disappointed that after waiting so long for this feature, this is all we're getting.

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, give us something more like this. I really want to be able to quote other people without having to copy their posts myself, and it would be even better if anyone could click the quote to get sent to the quoted post. Plenty of other services have this feature, and have had it for quite some time. This is one of the things I miss the most from Skype, and I still yearn to see it in Discord.

  • undermaster.
    I'd like to see this happen instead of just having a basic markdown
  • Edregol

    Yeah I'd like to see that as well. Do it the same way as whatsapp does is.
    1. Add a context option to "reply" or "quote" a message from a person in the current chat.
    Which results in
    2. An automatic generated quote in your chatbox which is styled in a way so that it would be recognized as a quote
    3. You are allowed to add text to that quote above or below to answer to what you are quoting
    4. the quoted person sees this messages as a highlighted (ping) same as @user
    5. If one clicks on the quote in the sent message including the quote, you will be navigated to the quoted message (much like pins)

  • Permedd

    i think it can be improved, all you should be able to do is to right click a text and then there will be an quote option which will be awesome, something like this it should have its own format and you should not be able to edit the quote.

    An example:
    Ben 22:15
    *How are you Carl*
    I’m good Ben

    i think it will be better then any other quote we have, and will be a worth of an update.

  • CrymaOfficial


  • Valentin Grandou

    Why all those downvotes ? That's exactly what I want on discord too. The facebook and what's app reply are good but the best to me is the youtube one : That allow to make temporary branchs into a conversation, when make a new channel is irrelevant but you won't cross discussions. Why not add the option to transform a branch into a channel when it become to heavy.
    Please do it !

  • JuicyDoodles 

    For whatever reason my post from Nov 2018 was pulled, but basically the same idea as Senko. This is kind of all that remains of the post. A screen capture from me sharing it on discord with friends.

  • Koldborg

    I like the idea, but these are the problems about it I can think of:

    • Will it show the whole message or a max size of the message to prevent channels from getting flooded.
    • Will you only be able to reply to others or also your own? (replying to your own can give a new feature for raiders to enjoy chat flood spam)
  • KerbalBoy
    A comment thread? How would that work, and where would it go? Can't you just DM somone?
  • almostsuspense

    For all people who said that it's already possible, please read the full suggestion. thank you.  

  • Edregol

    Sad thing is, there has been a thread which addressed this before but has been marked as answered for some reason:

  • Dzeno

    Personally I think it's the one key feature Discord is missing. After using discord for about a year, it is the one feature I constantly miss.

    I'm an advocate of a reply to message function as it just avoids a lot confusion and hassle.

    I've seen several requests of this already with. Some of those more than 200 upvotes. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's just very hard to implement in Discord or if developers don't like it.

    Also read this:

    Here are some of the posts or Reddit topics requesting the same thing: (265+ most recent) (hasn't been fully implemented, just markdown, over 13000 votes) (another big one)

    It would also solve this issue (1300+ votes)

    Seems like the linking should be doable as it already exists in developer mode

    Also I checked in the "chat" section for requests here. It has the second highest number of votes ever, highest for not completed (just answered). While the other four in the top 5 are all completed, in the top 10 there are some that would be difficult or require extra storage. This is probably the easiest request not completed (could be wrong) in the top 10 most votes, only not completed with 10000+ votes. It is also 7th in the highest amount of comments. Meaning there are a lot of users who want this. There are also threads in other places, such as Reddit, that ask about quoting in Discord.

    As for how many completed requests there are from chat, it's 22.

    Of those only 10 have more than 1000 votes. One has 194, one has 127, one 72, one 62 and the rest(8) way less than 50 votes only (on 22Jan2020).

    So don't say this new thread with 267(+) votes doesn't have enough votes, especially when combined with the 13300+ votes from the other big thread.

    A lot of people really badly want this function, including me.

    Saying that you implemented it when you only implemented a new type of markdown is a bit strange to me. As I'm pretty confident that you also know that is not what everyone wants.

    If you don't want to implement it then that's your choice as developers for Discord but then you could at least let us know. (For me that means looking for alternatives that better suit my needs unfortunately)

    Not letting people know makes them frustrated and annoyed since it makes people feel like you don't give a fuck and choose to ignore them. Even a simple reply like, we're working on it but can't give you a timeline would be helpful. Also a "sorry we don't plan on implementing this in the near future" would be helpful. Saying you implemented it when you did not is not helpful as it reinforces the believe of, "they don't even pay attention to us at all".

  • David Orson

    While this being a good idea, i think this one should be dealt with first:
    Please, consider upvoting.

  • Erudian

    I agree that this would be a welcome QoL feature. Here's a mock-up of what I had in mind.

    I realize these topics are very old with no apparent acknowledgment from the development team, but I feel that continuing to provide constructive and detailed feedback is the best way to get things done.

  • Murxer

    would be quite useful.

  • blooize


  • ℓιzzαя ☕


  • The Dictator

    Yes but I think it should have 2 options


    1: Paste only what was said


    2: Paste in quotations, crediting the original poster it was copied from, this also does not update if they edit their massage after the quote

  • evilpauwse
    Do you mean sort of like a quoting system. Where it will show their message and tag them with your reply?
  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Why not just mention them? That is what I see everyone else do in every server I been in when it is chat heavy.

  • scrummer

    When adding a quote-block (with ">>>") it should have the same line-break behaviour like a code-block (with "```") -> when pressing RETURN it should make a new line instead of sending the message.

  • imjorddan

    What if you could create a conversation thread on a text channel post?

  • iQuick



  • Muchacho NL

    I am all for a quote function, as I cannot find one at all, and I keep making screenshots

  • spartanwolf223

    I like

  • S410


  • H1TW0

    Your post was merged with this one

  • Skwaleks
    If you really want this you could use the quote function

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