Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.


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  • XANN

    I have about a dozen—that's 12—notes, at all, as in ever entered, not just on users I'm friends with, not just on users I remember—12 notes tops ever filled out. My notes are all deleted, gone, nothing there anymore. I use the web version, on one single computer. I've never used anything else, no apps, no 3rd party software, just the plain, vanilla web version with less than 12 notes ever entered, and all my notes are all wiped. That's not a 500 limit issue, that's a bug. People have reported this years ago. Discord? They don't seem to care.

  • SilSinn9801

    I use notes to keep track of people whose accounts later become Deleted Users (with tags like Deleted User [8hexdigits]#[4digits]) for whatever reasons (either self-deletions due to dramas of their own, or deletions by Discord Trust & Safety as a consequence of violating the Terms & Guidelines), & I need to keep track of my DMs with them in case I need to revisit them for whatever reasons.

    I have full Nitro & strongly consider a 500-note limit a hindrance, so it should be at least doubled to 1000 notes as a new Nitro perk.


    I keep having this issue. 2 times now I have noticed some of my notes are gone, and not even just randomly but the most important ones. This is extremely infuriating. I am literally about to cancel my nitro if I don't get a concrete response to this. This is  CRITICAL ISSUE, and it has been basically ignored for 2 years. This is an unacceptable level of incompetence.

  • Anon

    I have to sadly report the same findings as ISAAC. Random notes of people I write with daily just suddenly dissapear :/ wtf is up with that? 


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