News channel toggle for all servers


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  • JumpSuit

    They are only available in Discord Server Commerce, Verified and Partner Programs. It wouldn't make sense for EVERYONE to be able to follow another small community server imo...

  • JumpSuit

    Whats the Megaphone Icon by itself have to do anything in particular? Originally News Channels (Now Announcement Channels) we only available to Discord Server Commerce with no Verification or Partnership Programs granted access to it until now. While having this Channel available to everyone MAYBE good. I can imagine it being abused in many ways...

  • SnakeDoc

    A) The onus is on you to prove how it could be abused....

    B) Humans react to symbology better than text, so having a specialized channel type that uses the megaphone icon instead of # will help make it stand out from normal text channels, by signifying that it is official announcements channel of the server/community, and remove the confusion that a # means a text channel or in other words a channel anyone can talk in. The current thinking by Discord is that the only people who would want to make announcements to their community would be extremely large communities/content creators is warped logic, even a community of 20 people make announcements to their members, why should a community reach such large numbers to have a special channel type/icon for announcements? 


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