Allow go live to multiple servers at once


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  • Fenix

    i agree on this..

  • Aenect

    I'm currently playing a game that would hugely benefit from some sort of audio broadcast feature to select servers. For instance I'm playing an MMO called Dark age of Camelot which has 3 realms at war. There is an issue of spying (only select servers should be allowed access). However 1 discord is not sufficient often, because there are 100v100v100 battles with Battlegroup strategy (Broadcast) then there are the individual guild group strategies (individual discord server). So if there was a way to allow 1 member (Battlegroup leader) to broadcast to multiple servers like a radio broadcast, this would help marry the two strategies together. It's different than what was suggested here, but what was suggested above would maybe work as a workaround to that as well.


    Thanks for reading

  • CyberneticSusurrus

    This would also be perfect for streaming viewer-playable games such as Jackbox, avoiding the fuss of having to have every interested person in a single server.

  • Annoying POTATO 🥔

    That would be great.


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