Embeds are buggy on mobile


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  • Raffi

    Yes I noticed that too (Galaxy S10) and it's really annoying. Hope they fix that.

  • Holden

    They've been this way for awhile. It happens with regular frequency on my Pixel 3 XL. Most embeds appear very skinny and I have to scroll away and then back for them to appear normal. That only fixes it about half the time. Sometimes they stay skinny.

  • Zariem

    It still happens on my Samsung phone. On PC embeds display just fine, on mobile some embeds just get squished to less than half the original embed width.

    I have tested this and seen that:

    • embeds without a description get compressed in their displayed width on mobile, even if the content of the embed fields should be displayed in full width
    • embeds with a description field will get their width adjusted to the width required by the description

    So if you only add a description with test "text" it won't affect the embed width, but if you add a longer description text, it will force the embed width to be the full width displayable on mobile.

    I hope this information helps bot devs to work around this issue, and that it helps the Discord staff to fix this bug.

    Attached is a picture of three screenshots taken on mobile, the left with no Description, the center with a short description and the right with a long description. On PC, all three of them are the same width as the embed immediately above. On mobile, only the embed with a long description uses the maximal screen width.


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