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    Please add this feature!!!

  • Onyx of the Aether

    For god's sake. The phone's integral camera app has auto rotation. Why not let the phone decide when to rotate?

  • VectorSigma68

    I am trying to stream from OBS-Virtual webcam, and be able to have my Stream overlays and text show up correctly. THIS NEEDS TO BE A FEATURE!!!

    Especially in the age of virtual conferences and needing to meet virtually, flipping your webcam should be a completely standard feature in Discord.

  • Yuta

    VectorSigma68 To be fair, Discord does show correctly on the other side. Only you see your own webcam flipped.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm one of the upvoters here. I want this feature too.

  • legofries

    Yes please! I'm hoping this gets implemented

    ‧º·(˚ ˃⌓˂ )‧º·˚

  • VectorSigma68

    @Yuta so if I send my stream from OBS, even if it displays backwards to me, it will appear correctly to everybody else? So they can read the text?

  • etc.

    Every other platform has the ability to flip a video (especially with setups and tablet computers). Discord is the only platform that doesn't have this. Please fix this!

  • Brett Slocum

    My video is always reversed. It is easy on Zoom to reverse.

  • ongaku

    Please implement this feature, was testing video sharing with my bro and realized my elgato pro was reversed, so then my cam video would be reversed, and i wouldn't have the option to put it the way i want?? why not?

    please implement!

  • KBinturong

    I wanted to use epoccam with discord... I use my phone horizontally. I'm ok on skype (without doing anything) but not on discord... would be nice to be able to setup this...

  • oscar_champi


  • EricEliot


  • sierraplusultra

    absolutely ridiculous that my webcam appears upside down in discord no matter what i do. i don't have this issue in any other application with my webcam. FIX THIS ASAP. 

  • Rcs_Online

    hey everyone a good alternative is to adjust your camera in OBS, and then use the virtual camera feature.


    The fact this wasn't even an option from DAY ONE, and furthermore... the fact they have ignored such a simple request for over 2 years... shows how absolutely and utterly STUPID they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eti

    It may be worth it to mention this for those of you using it for a capture card or OBS virtual camera / some other display passthrough:

    This feature is useless to you. It's only the preview that you see on your own screen that's flipped (this includes viewing your own webcam stream in the call, which will also preview flipped). Everybody else sees the video feed oriented normally without the horizontal flip.

    You can still do streaming to your friends today without needing this feature, I do it all the time for my Switch and stuff especially. So just keep that in mind, you don't need this if your only goal is to use a capture card.

  • FoilCandyDave

    Yeah this needs to be a thing. There are use cases of people keeping discord and streaming on a second machine, so the share gameplay in discord would require setting the camera to the capture card. 2 years and no "flip video" toggle anywhere means no one cares enough to add it. lame.

  • elvla.di

    Hi, I have to switch to google meet for coding classes because of this. Implementation would be much appreciated.

  • moon


  • Deado

    Bump, massive pain for people who's cameras are normal, making discord throw everything backward, and for those of is who stream, since I want to use a virtual camera from OBS but to do so I need to flip my entire scene, which is a pain as a content creator since forgetting to flip back can mean extra editing on videos or a backward stream on broadcasts. 

  • ZebraJenn7 🦓

    Ongoing issue...to be 100% honest...It's disappointment as a Nitro Subscriber to not even be able to use features that should be basic. I can't stream my switch games because the video is flipped for me so it's just extremely annoying. It's almost like waste of $10 a month for almost a year. Please fix this asap. 

  • Mohanad

    puck you 

  • Mikael Valen-Sendstad

    Please implement! I need 90 degree rotation for my usb webcam.

  • TheAliveHatYT

    I just wanna be able to show my video thru my capture card but since I can't rotate/flip the video text just looks weird and nobody can understand a thing.

  • JPW

    I don’t understand why this is still not an option!

  • Kanani

    Why is this still not a feature! PLEASE implement

  • Raythemixer

    Come on guys... EVERY video conference and streaming package allows for this... People have been all but begging for a LONG time..... This is not hard to implement!

  • Samp1ayz12

    Please discord add a flip function for cameras! it is the most basic thing that should've been added since the start. Please implimnet this soon as it is extremely aggravating!!

  • Rocky TV

    I need to monitor my injured cat in the other room, so this basically works fine with an old smartphone.

    BUT ... god please let us FLIP stuff as needed!

    I get a stiff neck, and will need physiotherapy like him also soon!

  • Suprenok

    add the function to flip the camera vertically and horizontally


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