Discord-Based Global Emote "Clones"


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  • Visual

    I totally agree with that. Why don't they just put the global emotes as additional default ones which you can enable through the settings. I think that could be a cool idea as well. All in all global emotes are just making discord more fun to use for everyone and by deleting them completely will just make discord quite boring in my opinion.

  • ISpinText


  • Nekomaki

    Realistically speaking, (free) global emotes give people a reason to not buy Nitro. That seems like one of the main counter-argument points.

    Locking the feature behind a higher tier boost seems like the most sensible/reasonable way for both parties to reach an agreement, however knowing Discord, whenever global emotes are in the question, they'll most likely just ignore it. That's just how their treatment towards it has been. 

  • bratatat

    While it’s easy to think global emotes caused people to not buy Nitro, I believe part of the opposite is also true. People are normally fine with not being able to use special emotes, but I’ve seen a bunch that, once they learned about globals started using those. And then, they wanted more .. but couldn’t get more - so they ended up paying for Nitro anyway.

    This was also a bit the case with my own Nitro purchase. When I first started on discord I didn’t care about special emotes, then I got to use globals, then I wanted more and started donating. 

    It’s unfortunate that this feature is being removed but ideas like these may offer a nice middleground. I do hope discord ends up giving this in general a bit more thought, it’s really something that was loved by communities all over discord (hence its popularity).

  • bestrochen

    They removed it cause of nitro, and twitch affiliate/partner integration. Which makes sense, its a completely free app.

  • Wired

    i hate this

  • Affection

    People who don't buy Nitro will still not buy it. Global emotes didn't cause people to not buy Nitro. They don't buy it because they either can't afford it or don't really care about it and want to spend their money on something else. I don't think anyone will be like "oh I can't use global emotes anymore, okay. Time to buy Nitro now!" lmao

  • Kerv

    If you think global emotes caused people to not buy Nitro, you couldn't be more wrong. Not only can you still not use gif emotes, but you don't have access to 90% of the emotes you would want to use without Nitro. If someone didn't buy Nitro before, they're not going to do it now.

  • JasonLucas

    Every time Discord decides to make changes they are always terrible, I never understood why we had to pay to use emotes across servers, other platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram have something similar called stickers and you can use it anywhere even animated ones. This is a so unique feature that could be really awesome if it was made available for all the community, so sad to see that Discord staff is against that.

    I really would have no problem to pay for Nitro given the others features and I even subscribed to it a while ago, but I have noticed that Discord since then has become a such bad program for gaming, their app on Windows has increased a lot the resource usage to the point it sometimes even lags my games and I often see a lot of problems like that not being fixed. I just feel like the Nitro money isn't worth and they are trying to find ways to force us to pay for it and at the same time destroying the performance of their app. It's so awful to see a company give up on its focus just to be hungry for money.

  • 4101

    i don't get why they are removing global emotes, lots of communities pay for nitro in hopes to improve the experience for the people in there server. without it there isn't much left on server boost. You can't get many emojis or any animated ones, this way people will still pay for Nitro but lots of people can also get a free trial for Nitro.


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