Add Colors to the Block Quotes!


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  • Costpap
    Although a nice idea, I feel like this could be abused with making rainbow quotes or other things of the same kind. So it'd be best to keep away from this.
  • BlueTechnician

    What if they just made it so you can only apply one color to it. That would force it to be hard to abuse unless someone spammed different colors. In different messages. The spamming would be a problem for the server having the issue and must be dealt with by the server's administrators.

  • ! NarutoSage

    bump we should add color to block quotes


  • Big K

    Bots can do this already, yet we can't?

  • Ambros

    Yes please, I really believe that it is necessary to add a function to change the color of a text, I think it would be an addition more than welcome and so we could color what we want without having to use the code blocks (which is usually a final result quite bad, besides having very limited colors)

  • BlueTechnician

    Yes, that's true, but what is the reason for Discord users not being able to use it?** But notice how bots do embedded messages instead of block quotes...**

  • Big K

    honestly idk it would be very useful for example: in announcements for a server admins could put red as important announcements and blue for normal announcements or even with the role colors your could have it set as if you have a green role you will be able to see all the green colored messages and if you had a red you could see all the red and not the greens

  • BlueTechnician

    That was my main reason I wanted this... I just didn’t know how to describe why discord should add it.

  • JoshWArsonists

    actually i suggest this.

    this would be useful for people designing servers and doing crap with things


  • BlueTechnician

    Very true.

  • Manjot_ýτ 💜

    I think it be best for server administrator for decorate there server more with this
    It may get abuse but making discord more colourful is worth it
    Sorry for bad grammer 😋

  • Admiral

    This would be really cool to see! I support this idea :)

  • Racc

    I think it would be nice to just be able to change colors of the line of the block quote itself since the text could be abused like some others have said
    instead of just that grey color have red or light blue or yellow. Sort of how bots can already do.

  • Frog_Boy

    Discord staff please add this feature. 

  • MadMadisson

    This would be great. I was actually considering making my own bot just to be able to color my announcements on the server. It'd make things easier if I didn't have to go through so many hoops just to access things that bots can do.

  • Stonks Man

    Adding coloured quote blocks could help add design to many things instead of the boring gray version, and why can bots do this!? This feature would be really cool and I want to see people be able to use coloured quote blocks just like the bots can. An example of using this in a great situation is that when something is wrong or serious, you can put a red code block.

  • Lupus

    It would make sense for you to add a hex code either before or after the block quote, thus changing the color and allowing it to be edited by just changing the hex code-

    Ex: #A6066A >>> Hiya. uwu


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