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  • Alex_Lexon

    55fps and 1080p are almost nitro functions, don't see reason, why they have to implement this. But 1 thing that I don't like in screen share in Discord is bitrate. It's dropping, when a picture gets more dynamic. That would be a good fix, imo.

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  • RobotOverlord

    Hi, i'd like to know why the screen share is such shit quality? I cant even read the header font of my friends screen through it. Total trash. Only thing it does better than skype is the choppy-ness. It seems to change day by day too, the other day it was fine and dandy at high(ish) resolution, but now it looks like pixel art. Both on 100/100mpbs and i7/ryzen respectively

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  • Vexbane

    this is a poor marketing, trash pathetic free implementation for the real motive of "cash money grab" 

    In principle alone, im going to boycott this crap

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  • olex

    me and my friends make fun of it saying that all we can see is a mosaic, but yea i hate it..


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  • Grews

    @Vexbane Bro, this software is free. What's the point ? This is their strategy. Find something else and pay for it maybe.

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  • IAmCalledJay

    Okay so I think I just fixed the screen sharing issue.

    First I uninstalled discord.

    Then I deleted the discord folders in "AppData\Local", "AppData\Roaming", and "AppData\Local\Temp".

    I then made sure there were no more discord folders.

    Then I reinstalled discord and it's working so far.

    On an interesting note, When I deleted the discord folder in Roaming I noticed it was 500 mb. Now that I have everything reinstalled it's 140 mb.

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