Allow DMs to be recieved from all users


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  • Celeron
    One of the key points of Discord is that it's private, meaning you can choose who messages you. Without the need to be in a mutual server or be friends with the user, Discord would become a lot less private.
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  • Stephen
    ^^ And this just makes DM advertising easier. No Thank You
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  • brmbrmcar

    I already addressed both those issues by disabling in be default. Sending friend requests to everyone is hardly öess privacy invading.

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  • mkcoldwolf

    Yes, thought this does make discord less private, but some people would like to be stay public to make people find them easier, such as thousands of developer leaving their discord id behide for supports, if those developer have to accept every costumer to be friend and their friend list will be very ugly and full very soon, also making a bigger community is also what discord trying to do, such as Public server and Server custom Link, so ill up vote this one

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  • Ray (ray)

    Just some feedback - my Company has decided to use Discord to move 850 people in five offices online - and it works GREAT.  The only thing we don't like is - if I want to make a DM with 10 people - I have to type their gamer tags into the ADD FRIEND workflow and wait (edit: or I can just right click their name in the directory and click ADD FRIEND which is faster, I don't need to know their gamer tag, but still I have to do it and wait)

    In this situation, the "private" thing doesn't apply.

    We are all, by default, friends - as we work in the same company.

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  • Sass Lord

    Making this an available option would be great and anyone down voting you clearly didn't read properly. There's a lot of people I'd like to stay in contact with without necessarily adding them as friend. So again opening your DM would be a great option.

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