Ability to remove '@' (mention) functionality based on role/user


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  • theimpar

    I pray for one day this scourge to be over. But for reals, it's pretty annoying and to be able to remove that function from somebody in a particular server would be real keen.

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  • Kooln

    I second the motion. At this point it seems like an essential function. It'd be a lovely addition to the discord admin tool set!

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  • TheWrongestTrousers

    I am sure many servers have that ONE person that keep @'ing specific people and you don't necessarily want to ban them, but they need to be put in a corner.

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  • 50's_Detective

    I STRONGLY agree with these comments. I would like a Discord experience where I am not bombarded by @here's by people who don't actually use the function as intended. They simply use it as a means to make people look at some link and or a thought they would like to pointlessly share. CONSTANTLY!

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  • Reem


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  • aaronfranke.tar.gz

    Additionally, the existing ignore functionality doesn't seem to work. This is what my settings menu looks like, and I still get notifications: https://i.imgur.com/93JDtv9.png

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