Changing the order of pinned


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  • Typhoon
    you can just unpin them and pin them again,adding this feature seems a bit useless
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  • dejam0rt

    Yeah, and if you did a mistake on a message, you should erase it and write it again entirely. Why add a modify option?


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  • Havok

    Yeah Ive specifically been looking for this feature. Our Destiny 2 Discord is growing quite large, and ive been making guides for my clan. It is really difficult having to delete and recreate pins (or posts for that matter) in our guide tabs. Especially when there are dozens that need to be in specific orders then I find something new that needs to added back to one of the first pins....

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  • FindingEDEN

    Pin and unpin isn't the point of the suggestion. The point is the current system is tedious and annoying.
    Adding a simple drag and drop would make things much simpler for reordering pins that need a specific order.

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  • Zonk

    Bumping this and I'm really surprised it doesn't have more upvotes. Drag-and-drop pinned post management would be really nice.

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  • trapless

    This topic has a lot of up-votes. they are unfortunately spread across many posts. Every big server wants this ability.

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  • ⛧ Awesome Metal Bands ⛧

    @ typhoon how can this be a useless feature if you want an automated system where you don't have to keep unpinning and pinning then this would be the solution and professional way to do it. I have a title that I want to keep at the top. I have about 2 million or so discord users give or take a few million and it's annoying when other moderators keep pinning useless content. 

    The whole pinning system is a load of rubbish because you can't have top rated content at the top. Completely defeats the object and ironically the developers know this.

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