Limit for Admins to kick or ban.


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  • Z3RYX

    While I get your intentions, there is one problem. Just today a server I was in got raided. If only one moderator was online, then they couldn't handle the situation alone.

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  • GTA Movie Bros.

    You did not understand my intenions... My idea was to have a feature to limit the bans, but this doesn't mean that you have to set a limit. Its for people who want to set a limit, just like the cooldown-feature we have in Discord, you can set a cooldown but you dont have to. I think thats the reason why many people devoted my suggestion, because they didnt understand what my idea was.

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  • Suspense
    I don't see the point of limiting moderation.. if you don't want them to abuse their powers, it means that you don't trust them.. so don't give them perms
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