Dont get rid of the games


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  • Haile

    I agree. There's no reason to keep the $9.99/month tier without the games. "Server Boost" isn't worth double the price because it just doesn't do enough. Those of us early backers are essentially going to be charged double for less, which begs the question why even keep paying for Nitro? I do hope they come up with something to make it worth while because at the moment it looks pretty grim.

  • scrappy-doo

    Yup. 9.99/month isnt worth it if you only get to boost servers. Even the elevated upload limit isnt much. I've been using discord for a year now, I've never needed to send 100mb of any file at all. It's more worth it to pay if the games are still on, but I dont really see much of a point if the games get removed. I kinda feel cheated of my money, in a way.


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