nitro is very expensive for Brazil


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  • cupid.rips.hearts

    Almost all international services have terrible prices for some countries.

    For example, for someone living in USA may be incredibly easy to spend $100 on Nitro but for some European countries, 100€ isn't small change.
    That's 1/6th of the minimum wage in my country.

    Yes, I know. But I'm using USA and $100 as an example.

  • Exode Pendragon

    That being said - this could also be very much abused through usage of VPNs to get a cheaper price for an account. Unless I'm unaware of some IP locking to an account - which would be worse for those who uses a VPN for security purposes.

    This just isn't viable, I don't think. 

  • cupid.rips.hearts

    Other services already do this.

    For example, Overwatch is $39.99 or $19.99 in USA:

    In some European countries (in the Euro zone), Overwatch costs 39.99 € or 19.99 € ($44.21 and $22.10, respectivelly):


    Another example is Steam.

    For example, Metro Exodus DLC and the Expansion Pass are $32.98:

    And for Europe they cost 32.98 € ($36.46):


    If such thing isn't viable, please explain to me why Blizzard and Steam do this?
    Is it because they can take the hit of a few dollars?
    Or maybe because they have ways to mitigate that people from a country buy games at the price of another country?

    Most people won't know how to do what has to be done to go around this.
    Restricting those prices to regions/currencies should be easy enough, specially if this only applies to the credit card payment method.
    You can't check the country of the buyer using Paypal.

  • KoZoo ☂

    But as a consumer I will be harmed, the company has to create and thinks to make life easier for the consumer I do not bring a solution, the economy of my country is not the same as other countries, there is no way to defend it. If the company offers the service it has to be according to the economy of the country and the situation of each person! here the currency is 'Brazilian Real' not "Dolar" I do not want to pay currency fees, the dollar is expensive, 1 dollar = 4x our currency today "09/20/2019", it makes no sense to nitro be charged, in dollar! Steam, Epic Store, Amazom and Xbox GamePass bring prices and solutions according to our country's economy and affordable! The amazom prime has reached   R$9.90  per month with a lot of services, which equals $2.37 dollars!!

  • Yasmin Seidel

    Not only nitro, but also game developers can choose the price of games in Brazil.

    For the security of buying things in Brazil, Discord can use payment methods like PagSeguro.

  • diegoswift

    Too expensive for brazilians, If you drop this price you would have an increase of 600% nitro users from here. 

  • Vitor

    I agree with Diego, I would buy it if they low the price.


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