Age restriction


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  • quack

    I'm not sure if discord has the power to do this, and yes I have seen a similar comment to mines, but what if they made a kids version? Filter out all the messages? Parents app so they can see what their child is doing? It would be better for kids to be actually able to chat to their friends. There's not much chatting apps that I know of is under 13, so I think it will be a cool idea. Opinions?

  • Mariommsfilho

    quack Discord Is very Immature with Scammers and pedo Sending Illegal DM some servers Need to be Banned Kids Due to Swear words and Dark humor Nonfiltered Nsfw too.

  • Murren

    It's simple. Kids are stupid, click scam links, fall for scams, and you can go on and on. The age restriction exists to protect the kids, not bully them.


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