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  • Knight Rider

    Doublecrocks there already is one

  • Jordan Whittaker

    No there isnt

  • Nico Davide

    Ovo There is, click the inbox icon on the top right corner, go to unreads tab and click on the Mark all as read.

  • Fahadsaleem

    That's an interesting idea! A "Read all servers" button could definitely streamline the user experience for those who are part of multiple servers on Discord. It would make catching up on conversations across different communities much more convenient. You could suggest this feature in Discord's feedback or suggestion channels to see if others share your thoughts!

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  • WilliamAlle

    I agree, a "Read All Servers" button would be a fantastic addition to Discord. It would make managing notifications across multiple servers much more efficient, especially for users who are part of numerous communities. It would save time and ensure nothing important is missed. Hopefully, Discord considers adding this feature in the future!

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  • Louise Eng

    yea correct, a Read All Servers button would be a great feature for Discord. It would help users manage notifications from multiple servers more efficiently, saving time and making sure they don't miss anything important. 

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