Servers without admin or admin can not read all channels if not invited


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  • Celeron
    The entire point of having administrator is to have unrestricted access to the entire server. It's recommended to give anyone who you would not like to see every channel all permissions except for administrator, and override the rest with channel overwrites
  • Kees

    The point of an administrator is to be able to change all the settings. Prohibiting admins from reading a channel would be a nice feature. If an admin then changes his access to the channel, this would be visible in the audit log, with which they cannot tamper.

  • FunkyMonx

    This would be a very nice feature. I have a lot of WhatsApp groups that can be replaced by Discord channels if this feature exists. You wouldn't let a stranger into your family or friends WhatsApp groups either would you?

  • lravicini

    Up !  Up ! Up !

    An option that an admin could enable/disable to remove the view of channels they are not a member/role of.

    You already offer a mode that allows you to "see as..." but it is not permanent.

    I have to create a second account that is not an admin to avoid seeing all the new channels that are created.



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