Get rid of reply system and add back quotes please.


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  • Chami

    Reply prevents your message from being inflated by the contents of the message being replied to. Reply lets you click the reply-to line to go straight to the original message. Reply lets you specify whether you want to ping the individual or not.

    Show me where it's worse and not better in literally every way?

  • Razor

    It looks like ass, it cuts what's being replied to short, and is overall very poorly thought out much less executed.

  • Xelthias

    If it were like a comment thread rather than how it is now I think it'd look better.

    Original message.
    |__ Reply message.

    Rather than how it is now.

  • Voverė

    Chami You're heavily biased. There are a LOT of features of quotes that the new replies are severely missing.

    Here's why quotes are important and why replies shouldn't replace them:

    1. They allow you to quote someone without necessarily replying to them directly.
    2. They allow you to quote the entirety of the message rather than link to the original.
    3. They allow you to quote multiple messages at once rather than just one.
    4. They allow you to edit quotes by shortening them to only the relevant part, highlighting key points with text formatting, splitting a large message into smaller chunks that you can intercept with regular text and more.
    5. They allow you to copy fully formatted text without the necessity to re-format it painfully manually.
    6. They allow you to very easily respond/quote across different channels.

    Probably more that I didn't mention...

    The point is that the quoting system is VERY useful and most of the features are made either really tedious or even impossible without the "Quote" button present. Have your replies if you want, but please bring back the "Quote" button.

  • ~T I R E D~

    I like the idea of being able to jump to the message but add that feature to quoting. Quoting overall looks better and allows you to read the whole message without jumping to it. It’s not the worst functionally but quoting looks more pleasing. Side note:  it was funny to be able to type and change the person’s message in the quote, everyone knew what they actually said but it made fun convos that we could change it


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