Mobile push notifications


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  • ミリナノ

    At this time, we cannot receive mobile push notifications from more than 2500 members.

    With a recent update, servers with more than 2500 members will no longer receive mobile push notifications except for mentions.

    I am also in great trouble. I own 2 over 2500 members’s servers, but I can't even get notifications for moderator-specific channels. This has a huge negative impact on server management. In fact, in the last few days, moderators haven't been able to operate the server satisfactorily.


    I don't know why this changes was made, but Discord should be canceled immediately.

    It's okay to limit mobile notifications. However, Discord should also add the settings that we can receive its. There are many members who are troubled by not receiving notifications. My server members are also complaining.

  • Lyrina25

    Heck, none of my servers have over 20 and I can't get push notifs without enabling that stupid facebook messengeresque bubble. I want that bubble gone but I want my push notifications!


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