crashing on typing since today's update


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  • OVERLORD(kiryl)

    I found that when I press the letter "B" it closes automaticly.

  • ManweAinur

    LouisL and anyone else to fix this (credit to Spooke), go to User Settings > Text & Images > and disable Preview emojis, mentions, etc

  • RoaringPineapple

    me too this is obnoxious

  • CEntertain

    It's funny, because this is a bug that to my knowledge only effects BetterDiscord users...

  • RoaringPineapple

    How do I know if I am using better discord and why is that funny?

    BTW the fix works so for now it's fine, but still is obnoxious and should be fixed.

  • Coda Cola

    Same thing is happening for me. Haven't found a legitimate fix yet, but if you're trying to dm someone, instead of typing in the chat box, you can click on the user you want to message and type in the "Message [Insert User Here]" box. Hope this helped.

  • UnturnedBrowsky

    Coda Cola The fix is  User Settings > Text & Images > and disable Preview emojis, mentions, etc. Credit to Spöke for the fix

  • Skořápka 0.6

    Hi, i had the same problem but doesnt somebody know how to fix discord crashing when i type any emoji?

    please help

  • Preske

    The proposed fix does nothing.

    for me, discord crashes:
    - If my message is too long.
    - If it has a second line
     - if it has a image in it
    - if it has an emoji in it
    - If i try to add a gif
    - if i do a /tenor command
    - if i'm in voicechannel, and i scroll down to see who's in it
    - If i'm playing among us and and try to join via the participate button (this one is especially diabolical. it will crash to the last visited channel, which is the one with the button, so it's an endless loop of crashing)

    I'm using the desktop version. Nbobdy else on my server seems to be affected.

    These are the ones I could replicate, i have about 5-6 more unidentified crashes I can't replicate yet.
    please fix this. I'm a mod and it's hurting my ability to do my job.

  • Preske

    it's getting worse and worse.
    now it crashes when i do a @ mention. But only if it's later in the sentence, not at the start.
    please... fix this... i tried everything short of completely installing windows and nothing works

  • Smushily

    So the fix is in User Settings > Text & Images > Preview emojis, mentions. Disabling that should stop the crashes, it worked for me!

  • Krystalmyth
    Hi guys! So the fix is in User Settings > Text & Images > Preview emojis, mentions. Disabling that should stop the crashes! If not you may have to wait till next update.

    You're a bloody legend m8~ <3 Thank you.

    Read the thread ppl!

  • MettB5

    How am I supposed to change the settings for that when it keeps crashing on launch? Doesn't even stay open a second before vanishing. I tried turning off the setting via discord browser but no luck.

    Very confused at what I should do. It would make my day if this could get fixed.

  • Preske

    MettB5 Uninstall discord, delete everything in c:\users\youraccounthere\AppData\Roaming\Discord. Do the same for c:\users\youraccounthere\AppData\Local\Discord. Reinstall discord with a fresh instal, preferably with a fresh download from the website. This eventually worked for me.

  • Nahuel Arjona

    Ok. I can confirm that reinstalling Discord without Better Discord removes the issue and lets me use the new Beta feature. This sucks, because BetterDiscord really makes discord better by accomplishing all the features one would think should be a staple, namely hiding the friggin Channel's panel or shrinking server buttons. But I guess discord really wants to suck enough screen space that I'll have to have it minimized all the time.

  • Kk.

    Spöke Ily so much man, thank you


  • MettB5

    Preske Hey, I did that multiple times, and still the same result even with a fresh install from the website. I don't know what else to do.


  • q_dmc12

    I am experiencing most of the above and it crash-restarts if I type anything, even a single letter. I am running xubuntu 14.04 but that really shouldn't matter.

    When I run it in terminal as sudo /usr/share/discord/Discord --no-sandbox, i get these warnings:

    (Discord:15487): libappindicator-WARNING **: Unable to get the session bus: Unknown or unsupported transport 'disabled' for address 'disabled:'

    (Discord:15487): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Unable to get session bus: Unknown or unsupported transport 'disabled' for address 'disabled:'
    [WebContents] crashed... reloading


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