the ability to see how many servers you're in


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  • MeLlamanHokage

    Here’s a workaround that doesn’t involve counting or injecting potentially malicious code into your account

  • samrichs

    Just signed in to sign this petition! Dear Discorders! Please do it!

  • Twisted_Code

    Discord: limits you to 100 (or 200 with Nitro) servers

    also Discord: doesn't tell you how close you are to the limit

    solution: probably about 15 lines of code (Disclaimer:I don't do JS or HTML). Maybe more depending on how much of a mess the application is...

    all I know is I'm probably over the 100 again. Partly to blame, the fact that every single Minecraft mod developer wants to have their OWN server, and I need support for a lot of them...

  • Nicole

    Here is the more safety and easier way.

    Sign in to the website then you will see how many servers you in

  • Maverick21

    I feel like there should be a better way to do this than just using a website


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