Banning accounts not on the server


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  • ZX ////

    As long as they sent at least one message on that server, and didn't delete that message, you can ban them.

  • Acco
    This could be implemented through the member screen list. Add a "persistent" feature, where members who have left stay there for 12 hours. They should have a "left" tag, similar to the bot tag.
  • CyberLinx

    This can be done by a bot lol

  • RedTrillix

    @CyberLinx, if you can give me the name of a bot that can do this, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • tom641

    I think the "So and so joined the server!" messages count as a message from that user and can be used to ban them. Even if you don't want to have them on, you can make a hidden mod-only channel for it. It's also useful for just keeping track of people coming in and out.


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