Remove the 12 character file extension limit for uploaded files


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  • Acuddle

    It's reasonable.

  • useey

    Super annoying when trying to share any StreamDeckProfiles as it knows it has to be a streamdeckprofile but wont actually open. 


  • uktvjunkie

    I just want to second how annoying this is. Why there is a limit at all is beyond me, it's 2020, we can have DB columns that are larger than 12 characters and it just breaks sending certain files. useey mentioned ".streamdeckprofile" and I just ran into this with ".paprikarecipes". I'd almost rather just refuse to send the file vs sending a file that is broken unless you rename it after download.


    Now, in order to share recipes in Discord, I'm going to have to setup some persistent storage to save the recipe files that people can download from instead of just sharing the file through Discord.

  • geekie

    Like useey mentions trying to share .StreamDeckProfiles is not a viable option with how it shortens the suffix. Can this please be looked into by now? 


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