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  • Frokengeni

    We have recently run into this problem as well. We do not wish to outright ban people, but an option to disable certain ranks from displaying statuses would be nice.

  • chunked_element

    Any updates to the status of implementing this type of feature? Is it a possibility for discord servers admin/mods could have ability for this to be role based or filter inappropriate content that is displayed in the custom status? Members could still have custom status but enforce filtering would be nice. Maybe put **** s  that would blank out the inappropriate words, links, or spam that's posted?

    Just a checkbox like below for custom status: General/family friendly, PG/PG-13, or None/Unrestricted to be displayed for **** filtering of words/ect.

  • Selim

    @chunked_element has a good idea, but I would also add separate box below for filtering out URLs

  • Jump

    Custom statuses are less moderated than nicknames. That's unacceptable. If someone has an inappropriate nickname, you can change it. If someone has an inappropriate status, you can't do anything about it. Even just a permission for allowing custom statuses would go a long way until something more solid is put into place.

  • AUSBird

    This suggestion would be amazing for server moderation... It would also be handy for this to be a setting a user can toggle to hide their custom status messages from specific servers of their choice.


    I opened up my own suggestion for a similar thing. I would like to see moderation of rich presence as well available to server admins or even a setting if a permission setting is not ideal. This way dank music or other rich presence status's like "Now playing doom" and stuff can be hidden from specific servers by the user or enforced by the administrators

    I did not think my suggestion would fit in here as it's a much wider scope so I will mention my idea of also affecting rich presence by similar moderation and link to that suggestion (I linked to this one in that suggestion as well) 

  • Xella

    Kind of ridiculous this isn’t implemented already. We can do better Discord..

  • ChrisThePhoenix

    This would be great, there was someone with a curse word and the message it's self was adult content. I just added that custom status have to go by the same rules in my rules channel. The rules channel has a reaction role, but some may not read the rules and there is no bot or anything to stop them from breaking the rules in the custom status. 

  • perlcode


    Right now there is absolutely NOTHING stopping people putting things like "George Floyd = Pink Floyd" or whatnot into their CUSTOM STATUSES, that we the server owners/moderators have NO CONTROL OVER.
    There they are. Clearly visible to anyone. Anything you want to put there. No toggles to hide it / disable it per server etc.

    GG Discord, well played. 

    Freedom of speech (or custom statuses) is great and important, but if it's "my server", I should a) have the right to choose who should have the right exercise that right in there and/or b) have the right imbue some consequences for using the freedom of speech. It does not, and should not, equate into "a free pass for anything", mind you.

  • AUSBird

    Bro, just because there is no feature to disable it before a set event happened, does not mean they are against it... Chill out

    The point of this feature is nothing to do with BLM, it is meant for server administrators to moderate content, not supress free speach.

  • ˞˞

    for server discord links, you dont need the full all you need is the code after the /
    easy way to get around it if they ever do add this, if they allready seen this they would. for now im keeping my links in my status and theres nothing a discord server can do to force me but by kicking/banning me (witch wouldnt be right, right? wouldnt want to amke your discord scared of having their links in their status, links are a way to get noticed, discord are for people to come into, have fun and enjoy. so no, they shouldnt add somthing to disable links, again, there are ways to bypass that, witch discord may look into. also whats so "custom" if they add these features to discord? it would then be "limited to what you can put" status or "no links" status. i agree with the per status for discords, but links? that just takes the custom away from us

  • Valentin Guerlesquin

    Up ! There is still no way to moderate it... It's not only for ban-words but it's also so annoying having many people that have rolling status on your second screen as it encourages you to eye-check each time it changes...
    As mentioned in the first post, a switch in role permissions "show custom status" would be the easiest and most efficient way to counter it IMO.


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