Filter out messages with words/phrases from a blacklist


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  • Rhyselinn

    This!!! Twitter has a function to mute certain keywords, and this would be invaluable for Discord as well. That way users with PTSD triggers can mute those words for themselves, but others can discuss it without fear of hurting them. My understanding is that bots can't edit other people's posts, so this would need to be a feature built into Discord directly, but man it would make a lot of people's lives better on the platform.

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  • Rain 🌦🌤 Glistening Rainlight

    Speaking as someone who does, myself, have PTSD, I would very much like a custom word filter. Even better than straight-up blocking it out would be the ability to replace the word with something else, a custom fill-in. Especially because my trigger words are not common ones.

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